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Best design ideas for save the date magnets

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As you plan your wedding, one of the first things you have to do is to choose a date. Once that’s settled, the next thing you should do is determine when to send a “Save the Date” notice to everyone on your guest list.

There are a couple of reasons why it’s so important to take this step long before you send formal invitations. First, if you’re tying the knot in a busy wedding month, your friends will need to know as soon as possible to block off your date. And second, you’ll start getting some early feedback about can attend, making planning much easier.

So now that we’ve established the importance of sending a “Save the Date” notice, let’s get into just what kind of notice to use. The most important consideration is the durability of the item. After all, it’s going to have to stay in good condition for your guests for a period of months until the wedding.

That’s why customized save the date magnets are ideal. They’re far more durable than paper, and they can easily be kept on the refrigerator in plain view from the time they’re received until your nuptials arrive.

So with that settled, let’s look at the specific design of your magnets. What will make your magnet the perfect reminder?

Tying in With Your Theme

One great first step in designing your magnet is to incorporate elements of your designs for the big day. Your magnets should match your wedding colors but also their style. Take a few cues from the branding strategies of businesses to make a logical plan for your magnet.

If you’re going with a laid-back event at an outdoor venue, you should favor a casual font and a photo of you and your betrothed in casual clothing. If you’re headed to the altar in a black-tie affair, subdued colors and calligraphy will be in order.

Highlighting the Venue

Taking this a step further, your magnet can also incorporate specific design elements of the venue. If you’re marrying at a craft brewery, a photo of a beer stein would fit in, while a wedding at the marina would obviously connect with an anchor.

This is not only a great tie-in like the colors and fonts, it’s also helpful for traveling guests to internalize the name of the venue. Nobody wants to get lost on the way to the wedding, so every little bit helps!

Noting Special Considerations

Sometimes the venue or theme can provide some extra requirements for guests. If you’ve chosen any kind of outdoor venue for your wedding, a simple statement can convey what guests need to know, something like “Eve and Adam are wedding under the stars!” You’re getting the message across without dry, boring language.

Greater detail can always be provided on the invitation, but particularly if you have unique circumstances, your guests will appreciate the earliest possible heads-up.

Always Include a Photo of the Couple!

Finally, make sure your magnet uses a great photo of the two of you. It may not seem necessary, but the whole point of the magnet is to help people remember the event. A text-only magnet might look great by itself, but it might disappear into the other printed items on the fridge.

Placing a good photo on it will help it stand out among the things around it, which will help it do a better job of reminding people that your wedding is coming soon.

With all the other things to plan for your wedding, it may seem like another source of stress to worry about doing save the date magnets. But remember that they’re done well ahead of dress shopping, flower selection, and meal planning, and they’ll make it easier for your guests to plan where to be and when to be there.

One of the great joys of your wedding is sharing it with your guests, and when you help people save the date, they’ll be able to celebrate with you.

The whole idea of saving the date is to increase convenience for yourself and your guests. So it just makes sense that the notice itself should be convenient, and that’s why you’ve chosen a magnet.