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When you’re operating on a budget, you need to find products are both high-quality and affordable. Whether you’re a small business budgeting out expenses, or a large corporation trying to slim down expenses, finding a conference phone that’s within your limitations can be challenging. There are hundreds of conference phone options out there, so we’ve narrowed down five options for those businesses operating on a budget.

Why Use One?

Conference phones provide you with a versatile platform to conduct personal or one-on-one phone calls, host conference calls, or talk to clients. With crystal clear audio, hold and call-waiting features, and much more, a good conference phone can transform how your business handles phone calls. Check out this list of meeting ice breakers for when you’re not sure how to introduce new callers!

Conference phones come in many varieties; from the most basic of telephones with a dial pad and earpiece, to complex and pricey options with extra features. We’ve chosen five phones that are all under $500 for those businesses that need quality without the enormous price tag. (If you’re having trouble with your budget, hiring a financial advisor may be the best way to get finances under control. Use the Careful Cents site to compare the best financial advisors in Dallas.)

  1. Avaya B100

First on our list is the Avaya B100. As conference phones go, the Avaya is affordable and complete with many features that you want in a conference phone. With 360-degree surround sound for maximum-quality audio, built-in recording capabilities, (can your phone do that?) and Bluetooth and PA system integration, this phone is truly a must-see with a price tag starting at around $200.

The B100 series does have several variations for larger or smaller rooms, so you have a few options to choose from in terms of pricing and features.  You can find Avaya phones on Amazon, with the B149 series falling in at right around $200. This is truly a value for those businesses that need a reliable phone on a budget.

  1. Polycom Soundstation IP 5000

The second addition to our list is the Polycom Soundstation IP-5000. As one of the lower-priced conference phones on our list, the Polycom Soundstation certainly isn’t lacking in terms of features. With its own patented acoustic technology built right in, an ethernet-powered terminal, and advanced call-handling and security features, this phone makes an excellent addition to any conference room.

The phone can support up to six participants, and so is best reserved for smaller rooms or conferences. This affordable, feature-rich phone can be acquired for the low price of just $129.95 + shipping here.

  1. Yamaha PJP-20UR

Yamaha already has an excellent reputation for creating quality instruments, phones, electronics, and more. With a name like Yamaha behind it, the PJP-20UR is an option you’ll definitely want to consider when shopping for your next conference phone.

While a bit more expensive than the previous two options, at around $400, this option is still affordable for large and smaller businesses alike. With USB connectivity for daisy-chaining several units, and compatibility with both web and audio conferencing, this model has something to offer any industry. This unit is best suited for small to medium conference rooms on its own, but can be linked with other units for further expansion.

  1. Yealink CP860

The Yealink CP860 brings quality and affordability to the conference phone market; with a price tag of just under $200 for refurbished models and around $400 for brand-new units. This unit is perfect for small to medium-sized conference rooms, with just the right number features (like five-way conferencing and 360 degree voice detection from up to ten feet away) to make your conference calls crystal-clear and your wallet happy.

You can find the CP860 on Amazon, or wherever conference phones are sold. You can also visit Yealink’s website for a more in-depth look at all of their phone models and pricing options.

  1. Snom C520

This sleek, modern conference phone is everything you need for productive, crystal-clear phone calls. Bluetooth technology makes this phone cordless; so you never have to worry about running cord or tripping up on hidden ethernet cables. Built-in batteries provide up to 70 hours of use, giving you an option that’s both cost-effective and portable.

The Snom C520 can be acquired for around $400USD, making it affordable even for businesses on a budget. If you’re looking for a powerful, cordless, feature-rich conference phone with a company that stands for quality behind it, the Snom C520 is what you need.

A Continuous Evolution

Conference calling has come a long way from its origins in stationary landline units. Now, you can opt into online conference calling services and skip the need for the phone altogether; but for those who still prefer a piece of sleek, easy-to-use, feature-rich hardware, there will always be options available that continue to evolve.

With the evolution of Bluetooth, cords are soon to be a thing of the past; creating fewer costs and even fewer trip-ups on those pesky cords hidden underneath your office desk. If you’re still using a static landline, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your equipment, even if you’re on a budget. These five options have everything a small business needs, at prices that won’t leave you bankrupt.

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