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Best camping trips and advice for Virginia

camping in virginia
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If you are a lover of nature, then camping is a sure way to blend with the tranquility of mother earth. The songs of birds, the warmth of the sunrise, and then gently floating clouds are all sights of peace you deserve to see. Asides from a good connection with nature, you could also learn some fundamental survival skills on your camping trip.

Virginia outdoors brings a new definition to camping for everyone, especially as it is a great way to bond with loved ones.

No matter your needs, you are sure to find something that suits you perfectly. Either it’s a weekend getaway or time off from work, these campsites in Virginia will help perform the trick. The following are the best sites for your next camping trip in Virginia:

Augusta County

If you love soothing air sounds, and you love watching streams flow unhindered, then you will find the options here very interesting. Here are some of these locations in Augusta:

Todd Lake Recreation Area

There is something about connecting and bonding in a place stated to be a historic site. Such is the experience you will get whenever you visit the Todd Lake Recreation Area in Augusta County. Visitors enjoy this campground, and it has a wheelchair beach that was built with accessibility in mind.

If you need a relaxing afternoon during the summer season, then this is where you will find solace. It has lots of open fields, picnic tables, grills, and children’s playing ground, which makes it a perfect site for a family time-out.

If you are a lover of adventure, you should check out this campground as you can get to explore multiple trails from the location alone. Tracks from bikers, backpackers, and even hiking enthusiasts, are seen littered around the vicinity.

If you need to feel at home and you are in Virginia, check this site out.

Shenandoah Acres Family Campground

This site is concluded to be 130 acres of pure family fun. This campground has a large expanse of wooded grounds with different fun-possibilities for yourself and your family. The location is an outstanding one; it is sited close to lots of historic attractions in the Charlottesville axis.

You and your family can choose from a range of listings, from vacation rentals to primitive camping tents and also to well-spaced RV locations. They seem to have lots of fabulous family-centered packages such as:

  1. Swimming lake area
  2. Beach area
  3. Arcade
  4. Playgrounds
  5. Fish pond

If you love beautiful sites, and you need to be pampered by nature, then you need a treat for this trip.

Stoney Creek Campground & Resort

Here is a campground you should check out in Augusta county. You can come to a campground and choose to be idle but not on Stoney Creek. The main reason you came to the camp in the first place is to have fun, and so the site is structured to deliver premium fun.

They have lots of activities to keep visitors engaged, several of which you can choose from. Some of these activities include:

  1. Special events for holidays and weekends
  2. Water sports
  3. Land sports
  4. Special events ‘for the kids’
  5. Bingo
  6. Haunted house and Halloween Hayrides, etc.

They offer camping accommodations such as Bunkhouses, Tent Camping, shaded RV sites, and Cabin Rentals. The campground offers indoor services like the Clubhouse Event Hall, where you can have a great meeting and a great party. They have a general grill and store, pools and sundecks, Beaches and Lakes with a top-notch laundry.

When next you get to Augusta, do well to enjoy this campground and resort.

Virginia has lots of cool sites for camping you can visit around the state. Check out some of the ‘lovers based sites you can enjoy today:

New River State Park

The state park is a busy hub in the day, owning to the hiking, fishing, biking, and horseback riding events. However, the site is not void of outdoor enthusiasts who watch these events play out on the site. Throughout the trail, there are lots of campsites you will discover. The different sites offer different levels of experience.

On a cold evening when the urge to go outdoors is strongest, you can visit the Millrace and Cliffview sites to keep warm. They have lantern posts, picnic tables, and fire pits that make your evenings more comfortable.

Need to have some sporty fun but forgot your equipment? Well, you can always rent one here (bikes, canoes, etc.)

What if you don’t want to engage in any adrenaline-pushing activity just yet? Maybe you need to cool off your head, practice Yoga, or meditate; the baker Island and Double Shoals are best suited for you as it helps you focus on the entire landscape.

False Cape State Park

There is a sweet thing about coastal camping most people have never enjoyed. If you want to find out just what this is, then check out this area along the coasts of Virginia Atlantic. One thing this park is famous for is its primitive camping. There are no stall bathrooms, showers, or electricity, but you can take it up a notch by using portable solar panels. However, it offers some juicy activities to its visitors, such as kayak trips, sunbathing and swimming beachfront, and biking trails.

This park keeps off vehicular access, leaving visitors to access it by bicycle, foot, or boat. If you will need to get to the park with a pet (dog), then you may just have to use a boat to achieve that. There are no rules against bringing pets. However, passing through the routes of the National Wildlife refuge which has a strict ‘No pet’ policy only means you need an alternative.

Is there anything fun about this site? Of course, there are; all things mentioned are a total package.


In all, Virginia is for lovers – either your spouse, fiancé, or even family. There is something for everyone on board. From primitive parks to more sophisticated resorts, the atmosphere of rest, fun, and a good time are always palpable.

Story by Michael Black

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