Best beaches to visit in Virginia

As the summer holidays are approaching, the heat index is going up, and cabin-fever is rising in greater heights. For this reason, you might be searching for ideal ways to get your family out of your home to take advantage of what summer has to provide. One of the many benefits of visiting Virginia is its proximity of many good tourist sceneries such as the best beaches on the East Coast and shops where you will find beach towels on sale. Most of these world-class beaches off a wide range of activities which includes festivals, live entertainment, historical tours and wild pones. The best thing is that the majority of these beaches are within a two-hour drive and this makes it an easy day trip.

Whether you want to take your family to a teeming tourist destination or a quiet residential beach, this list will assist you to get what you want to take advantage of Virginia’s stunning coastline.

Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Virginia Beach

virginia beach

Once you visit Virginia, chances are that you will come across the beautiful Virginia Beach coastline once in a while. Even though this beach might get crowded and somehow commercial during the summer holidays, you will have numerous reasons to visit the place. It is a free beach that is watched by experienced lifeguards, has golden sand and numerous surf. Additionally, the beach is located in the proximity of shops, restaurants and tourist attractions such as ocean breeze waterpark and Virginia aquarium.

Chesapeake Beach (a.k.a., Chic’s Beach and Chick’s Beach), Virginia Beach

chesapeake beach

This is a beach with numerous names, and locals mostly love it. Providing beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, this serene and non-touristy beach comes with vacation rentals, private villas in beautiful beachfront setting stretching 2 miles from Lynnhaven inlet to the bridge. Even though it is officially recognized as Chesapeake Beach, the name Chick’s or Chic’s as non-locals widely recognize it as it was derived from a beachfront shop where tourists could purchase their lime-ad and ice cream.

With stunning views of Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Chesapeake Beach is the perfect site to relax and enjoy the background. Whether you need a day off to relax or a long retreat in one of the numerous vacation homes that are situated along the shore, this beach is an ideal location for any length of vacation.

Cape Charles Beach, Cape Charles

cape charles beach

Cape Charles is an attractive and historic city that is situated on the eastern shore. This beachfront offers an excellent relaxing site for recreational activities, and it is also the only beach on the eastern shore that provides free parking. It is evident that Cape Charles beach is one of the best places to spend a peaceful moment on a sunny day since it offers various park-like amenities including picnic pavilions, beaches, and public restrooms.

Cape Charles Town Beach comes with a park-like setting that has picnic pavilions, benches, and restrooms. With all these amenities, you will have a chance to spend your vacation peacefully as you enjoy the serene environment. In case you need to engage in more activities, you can try crabbing or fishing at the public fishing pier situated in the southern part of the beach.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Eastern Shore

Assateague Island National Seashore

Widely known for its wild ponies, this beach prides in its pristine beach setting that has not changed for thousands of decades. Even though the large part of the national park is situated in Maryland, it can also be accessed from the other side of Virginia, just less than 30 miles from Chincoteague. These stunning white sand beaches are ideal for recreational activities such as camping nature walks, bird watching or even resting on the beach and site viewing the ocean waves.

Chincoteague Island Eastern Shore

Chincoteague Island Eastern Shore

Labeled as the only resort island in Virginia, Chincoteague eastern shore is also one of the most stunning beaches you will ever visit. Besides being known for the pony swim and auction that is held every year, Chincoteague eastern shore has also created a good name for themselves for oysters, fishing activities and laid back tourism. Since the island house the National Wildlife Refuge, it is a hub for both tourist and locals.

Ocean View Beach, Norfolk

Ocean View Beach

Located just less than 15 miles from the main Virginia Beach attractions, is the stunning Ocean View Beach. Situated on an 8-mile stretch of Chesapeake Bay beachfront, the beach has a quiet environment and it tends to be more family oriented than other beaches in Virginia. Additionally, it offers free parking, and the commercial activities are minimal. The beach rests in a 6.5-acre piece of land, is a designated Festival Park and it houses numerous events for the entire year.

This is one well-maintained beach parks in the city that is located on the beachfront and provides a unique beach visiting experience that offers free public parking, picnic tables or restroom amenities, performance rooms and boardwalk. The beach is ideal for picnics or family gatherings, and it is also designated Festival Park which holds numerous festivals all through the year.

Buckroe Beach, Hampton

Buckroe Beach

Buckroe Beach is just more than an ordinary beach that serves as a historical site. Being one of the ancient recreational sites in the region, Buckroe Beach was first chosen as a public beach in 1919. A bathhouse was established in 1883, and a hotel, dancing pavilion and amusement parks were established in 1897. The amusement park continued to be popular in the first half of the 20th century. It was closed 1985 and was demolished in 1991. The carousel and Bruder band organ were conserved and taken to the downtown Hampton waterfront. Currently, tourist can enjoy good moments on the stunning beaches, live performances at the pavilion and kids playground.

Colonial Beach, Westmoreland County

colonial beach

Colonial Beach is situated in the old small city of the colonial beach and serves as an ideal escape from the urban lifestyle. Resting along the coastline of the Potomac River, Colonial Beach is designed to offer sandy beaches, biking, fishing, boating and also shops, galleries, and hotels.

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