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Bernie Sanders nonprofit backs Kai Degner for Congress

kai degnerOur Revolution, the nonprofit inspired by the Bernie Sanders campaign, announced today it has endorsed Kai Degner for Congress.

In the press release, Political Outreach Manager Erika Andiola said, “Our Revolution is honored to support these candidates because they’re fighting for economic, social, racial and environmental justice in their own backyards.”  Degner is currently the only person in Virginia endorsed by Our Revolution.

“I am honored to be endorsed by Our Revolution,” said Degner. “I truly believe change comes from the bottom up, and my campaign is the epitome of a people-driven effort focused on the pocketbook and justice issues that impact the everyday lives of Americans.  We are fighting against the entrenched, corporate establishment which is embodied by our career congressman.”

Degner is in agreement with many of the issues that Sanders promoted, including promoting campaign finance reform, opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, prioritizing criminal justice reform, supporting carbon reduction, supporting labor and livable wages, addressing healthcare affordability, and more.

“I am pleased to have a coalition forming around my campaign made up of people who favored Bernie Sanders, support Hillary Clinton, and/or plan to vote for any of the other presidential candidates. Interestingly, there are a number of positions that Bernie took that many Trump supporters agree with,” says Degner. “While I am supporting Hillary Clinton for president, most Trump supporters share my concern with a 24-year dynasty like Mr. Goodlatte’s, so I am hoping they take a serious look at my campaign as an option to reform a broken congress. ”

Supporters are encouraged to donate to Kai Degner’s campaign.

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