Benefits of online gambling regulation in New Zealand

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Gambling has become a part of society in many countries and it is the same case in New Zealand. This small population nation is linked to gambling despite the strict law concerning this activity. Historically, the first European settlers brought this kind of diversion to the New Zealanders in the 18th century. At that time, those pioneers bet on various games and sports including card games, boat racing, and many others. Today, online gambling is legal in this country except the remote interactive gambling. Nonetheless, the Kiwis are allowed to divert by using gambling sites outside the country. This article will explore the advantages of online gambling regulation there.

Is Gambling Legal in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the first legal gambling activity is the national lottery known also ‘Art Unions’ that was established in 1933. Then, the bookmaking received its license in 1961 when the bookmaker Totalizator Agency Board (TAB) made horse race betting legitimate in the nation. In 1994, the first casino opened its doors in Christchurch which was the beginning of various gaming venues legalization. In this country, the legality of the gambling is governed by the Gambling Act of 2003 outlying into four categories. So, anything which is outside the law is considered to be illegal. However, the Act prohibits all the gambling and betting activities that take place online platforms, datacasting, and broadcasting. These forms of gambling called remote interactive gambling. To answer the question, gambling is totally legal in New Zealand except hosting an online casino there. Fortunately, the statute doesn’t forbid the residents to gamble at casino internets based outside the country. The gamblers can, therefore, find safe casinos online NZ based overseas. As online gambling is immensely popular there, the competition between the operators that accept local players rises all the time.

Benefits of Gambling Regulation

As gambling is the wagering of money, it can be harmful to vulnerable people. All nations have their own gambling Acts and in New Zealand, it is well regulated. Obviously, controlling gambling provides clear advantages especially to the players. Here are the most significant benefits of gambling regulation.

Fair and Un-exploitative Gameplay

Let’s admit that gambling can be a great danger for the vulnerable players. Winning will provide plenty of thrills but it can be a risk of addiction. Their safety is paramount to avoid problems related to gambling. As there are a great number of operators who seem to offer attractive bonus and reward packages, controlling those players is not a piece of cake. To be accepted, online casinos must impose strict rules in the goal to keep the gameplay equitable and secure. Moreover, online gambling is also associated with payment options. Most of the popular banking services are secure and efficient which are available to the Kiwis gamblers.

Economic Benefits to the Country

Another asset associated with the gambling settlement is the economic profit of the concerning area. A casino is a tool for economic growth. In fact, the tax revenue to the state as well as the employment increase will be the sources of the economic rise. The casino opens-up many new opportunities to create more jobs such as the Managers, the dealers, the Marketers, Security, and more. Furthermore, the casino development encourages tourists to visit the country meaning an additional wealth into the local economy.

Competition Between the Foreign Operators

As mentioned above, the casino sites outside the country must undergo serious moderation and strict rules in order to be admitted in New Zealand. With the new internet casino launching each year, deciding which one to join can be arduous. When choosing a casino platform, the customers should take into account the license and regulation of the casino. In addition, the game variations and categories are also among the things to verify. Always check if this site has a range of games like pokies (slot machines), table games, and many others games supplied by the top casino software providers. There are also other important aspects that should be also taking into consideration like banking and payouts, the reputation of the casino, and promotions and bonuses.


It’s clear that New Zealand is not only the Rugby country but also a nation enjoys keeping entertained with gambling. This area that imposes strict rules concerning the gambling activities will benefit fair gameplay. We can’t deny that a regulated environment will better protect the citizens as well as creating enjoyment for all. These strict measures which forbid the local online casinos may be a total disappointment for some. But mind that the countries where the gambling rules are flexible often suffer from gambling addiction or many issues related to it. The good news is that the residents can play on the overseas online casinos. To put in a nutshell, gambling regulation means having fun in a secure environment and also a hope for a better future.


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