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Benefits of implementing meeting room and workspace booking software

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Every business has its share of struggles in managing meeting spaces. The Covid-19 safety guidelines don’t make it any better. However, by adopting a meeting room booking software, you can root out inefficiencies associated with not only meeting rooms but the workplace as a whole.

Meeting room booking software from Add-on Products can help your employees to avoid wasting time on booking meetings, communicating details of meetings and attending unproductive meetings. This software integrates into existing applications effectively cutting down on the time spent booking meetings.

Here are some ways meeting room booking system can benefit companies especially at this time when businesses must enforce a return to office safety guidelines:

Increase room efficiency across the office

One of the major productivity killers is wasted space. Meeting room booking system helps to avert this by letting managers have a true picture of room usage while allowing them to make adjustments based on real-time data. Having greater insight means greater transparency in space management.

By implementing this software, it is easier to track the use of workspaces effectively making the planning of the number of rooms or the capacity of a room easier. That is, facility managers can make precise plans and create areas that take care of a particular need or fill in the gap for a current need. Having access to optimized spaces can increase office efficiency because meeting rooms are tailored to their preferences and behavior thus minimizing waste.

Enforce safe return to office guidelines

Getting employees back to the office during the Covid-19 pandemic is an all-new experience hence meeting booking software can help organizations to ensure management, employees, procedures, policies and other office solutions are aligned to support the new normal. You can use the workspace booking app to implement social distancing by blocking off some of the desks. This app gives you control over just how close together employees can sit. Most importantly, employees will have to make a prior booking of the workspace or desk.

Using software also makes it possible for you to maximize your use of existing space as the new normal dictates that employees have more space. The booking apps offered by Add-on Products give employees access to clickable floor plans so that they can easily locate workspaces. Most importantly you’re able to analyze usage of workspaces and meeting rooms and predict a trend.

You can also use these systems to share crucial information on precautions as well as return to work guidelines with employees. This could include communicating the flow of traffic, identifying sanitization stations and information on locating janitorial station. The other importance of these software includes contact tracing and effective sanitization.

Minimize booking steps and cut costs

Meetings are an integral part of any business hence they take up valuable time. However, research shows that employees spend a lot of time in a day locating a meeting space. Moreover, a lot of financial resources go into email communication with poor communication accounting for part of the communication budget. This mismatch of time and resources is no doubt hurting your bottom line. Thus, it is important to make sure meetings are productive by deploying the right tools. Having a booking system that simplifies the whole process makes it easier for you to employees to focus on their work instead of spending time booking meeting rooms.

Better workplace visibility and employee productivity

With the meeting room and workspace booking systems in place, double-booked spaces or miscommunicated meeting locations will be a thing of the past. Employees can secure meeting rooms with confidence as the systems provide real-time information on the availability of the meeting rooms. Using these software helps to increase efficiency and eliminate the risk of wasted space or time by streamlining the process of booking and communicating the details to team members. When accurate information about meetings is shared, there’s bound to be increased productivity.

Meeting room and workspace booking software will help your company transition to the new normal smoothly by transforming how you schedule meetings and communicate about the same. This software also helps in minimizing costs associated with missteps when it comes to booking spaces that are inefficient as much as it promotes unproductivity. Implementing meeting room and workspace software as part of your return to work strategy will help you to tailor solutions that fit your company needs, save you money and increase organizational efficiency. This will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Story by Manish Kuwar

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