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Benefits of full spectrum pure CBD oil for athletes

As an athlete, you’re spending a lot of time doing positive and negative things to your body. On the positive side, you’re building muscle, building strong cardiovascular health, and more. But on the downside you’re causing a lot of wear and tear to your bodies. This often leads to injuries, strains, and even just pain in general. Therefore, due to this, many athletes turn to pain medications that cause a plethora of other health problems they’re not paying attention for.

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For example, excessive and long-term Tylenol (acetaminophen) use causes liver damage in the long run and can even cause liver failure, instantly toxifying your body and can end your life painfully. Ibuprofen and other NSAID’s (like Aspirin, and other prescriptions) can cause problems with your kidneys and renal organs, and prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers that contain narcotics and opioids that ultimately hurt our bodies and become highly addictive.

There’s a New Pain Relief in Town

While CBD oil isn’t new by any means, using Cannibidiol is something that’s becoming more and more widely used when it comes to pain, and there are a lot of questions, being that it’s a controversial topic today. The good news? Athletes can put their minds at ease though, by knowing that CBD products are legal for athletes to use. Why? Because they have no psychoactive components (it doesn’t get you high). That being said, while THC itself is still prohibited even by professional and other athletic organizations, CBD itself is not.

Why CBD is Legal

Well, other than the fact that it doesn’t get you high, CBD reacts to the cannabinoid receptors that are already present in our bodies. Our bodies have millions of them, just like other receptors.

Benefits of CBD Oils When Athletes Take Them

There are numerous benefits that athletes can get if they consume CBD. For starters, it can relieve chronic pain, act somewhat as an NSAID as well, just without the harmful ability to cause renal issues. This means less of a chance of heart attack and stroke.

Another thing that is common as mentioned above is opioids. While they’re excellent for pain management, they’re highly addictive and a lot of people overdose on them easily. The pain management that CBD can deliver may not be as good as opioids for severe pain that you feel sometimes, but if you use it correctly, it can nip it in the hind end really well. It can also help settle your intestines, increase sleep quality, and so much more.


When it comes to being an athlete, you need to know that there is a chance of you testing positive for THC when you use full spectrum CBD oil, but if you choose isolate CBD oil, you’re getting just the CBD itself, which is normally made of hemp. This will keep you safer. As far as what’s consistent, you need to know that you can take too much CBD oil, and there’s no recommended dosage with it, so you need to learn how to self-medicate properly. However, it can still help you get over your physical activity woes.


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