Benefits of adding flowers to your office

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Whether you have a home office or a cubicle in a skyscraper, it’s likely that you spend a large chunk of your time at work. Our jobs tend to be stressful and keep us in a constant rush, wishing for the moment when we can clock out and go home. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to make your office space much more pleasant to spend time in – adding flowers.

Flowers and plants in the office serve multiple purposes, and they are amongst the most loved options when it comes to adding a hint of life to a workspace. A previously dull, sometimes even depressing desk area can be transformed with just a little bit of effort and creativity.

While you may think that the only benefit of flowers in the office is the fact that they simply look pretty, we beg to differ. Here’s a list of reasons why you should choose a nice flower arrangement over another set of coloured pencils as an addition to your desk.

Reason #1 – Mental Health

This reason made it to the very top of our list, and not for nothing. Feeling down and overly stressed is something most of us can relate to, and work is one of the top causes Brits cite for their depression and anxiety.

“An increasing number of people order flowers either for themselves or their loved ones. Oftentimes, these flowers end up in an office,” said Alice Clarke, an expert representing a popular flower shop. “Our clients praise the effect a simple vase of colourful flowers can have on their mood.

Considering the busy and stressful times we live in, adding a bit of joy to your life can go a long way–and flowers contribute to that greatly.

Reason #2 – Clean Air

If you work in an office building, you’re likely aware that the air quality in offices tends to be less than perfect. Air conditioning does us no favours. Offices often lack air humidity, which is necessary for maintaining respiratory health. Dry air irritates the throat, causing incessant coughing or soreness that can persist for weeks on end.

This problem is prevalent in home offices as well due to simple air pollution. Objects such as computers, printers or other appliances tend to pollute the air, filling it with carbon dioxide. Fortunately, adding a hint of green to your office will combat this problem.

Plants and flowers absorb toxic volatile organic compounds from the air. They are a natural filter of sorts, improving air quality and thus, your well-being.

Reason #3 – Rested Eyes

How many times have you been so caught up in your work that you forgot to look away from the screen for hours on end? We’re willing to bet this happens a lot. If you find yourself rubbing your eyes tiredly at the end of the day, it’s a sign that you spend too much time in front of the screen.

While this often cannot be completely helped if you work in an office, it can be made better–again, with the addition of plants or flowers. If you find an arrangement that you love, you will naturally glance at it every now and again, giving your eyes a moment of peaceful reprieve from the computer screen.

Reason #4 – Productivity

Just because you’ll spend less time staring at the screen doesn’t mean you’ll be less productive. In fact, adding plants to your office will improve your mood, greatly affecting the amount of work you actually get done in an hour.

Tired and displeased office workers tend to work much less efficiently than those that are happier with their jobs. If you spend your day in a pleasant environment decorated to your liking, you’ll be more motivated to complete your tasks.

Reason #5 – Feeling Like Home

Working away from home and feeling homesick? Personal touches, such as flowers, plants, photographs and trinkets make the office feel much cosier. Not many people love their job as much as they enjoy their own home, but it is possible to make the office less impersonal and thus, more enjoyable.

The mere act of decorating your office space may do wonders for how you feel about work. Take some time to pick out the perfect flowers, buy a photo frame that you love, and enjoy the process of making the office truly yours.

Reason #6 – Look Professional

If you expect a visit from a client or you know that your boss will be making rounds, there is no better way to make the office look professional and welcoming than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Choose something that stands out without being overwhelming. Lightly coloured flowers truly shine in situations that call for elegance.

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