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Ben Cline statement on House Dems relief package

Ben ClineCongressman Ben Cline released the following statement regarding the upcoming vote on H.R. 6800 – the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act.

“Instead of focusing on addressing the economic and health care challenges of the coronavirus, this legislation is an 1800-page liberal wish-list, full of trillions of taxpayer dollars spent on programs entirely unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Cline said. “The bill explodes the size and scope of the Federal Government and is nothing more than a political move by Speaker Pelosi to appease the left-wing faction of her caucus.”

“Until now, COVID-19 relief legislation has been relatively bipartisan. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi’s most recent proposal is anything but, and her sole reliance on Democrats for input has made this process all the more divisive. Her refusal to negotiate with the White House and Senate Majority means the bill is dead on arrival if and when it reaches the Senate. In a crisis like this, it is irresponsible to pass a partisan bill that has no chance of being signed into law.”

“Rather than considering a targeted bill addressing the dire economic and health situation we’re facing, Members are instead being asked to vote on a slew of provisions unassociated with the pandemic. In addition to extending Medicaid coverage to illegal aliens, H.R. 6800 also federalizes state elections, bails out failing state and local governments, and expands mandates on employers. Further, it provides millions to the National Endowment for the Arts, authorizes the release of federal prisoners, and broadens marijuana laws. With millions unemployed, businesses suffering, and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, Americans deserve better than this bill, and therefore, I will be voting no on H.R. 6800.”

Full text of H.R. 6800 can be found here.

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