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Beautiful wildlife you will find in Virginia

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Infamous for its legendary Blue Ridge Mountains, rugged landscapes, and a lot of wildlife, the state of Virginia is a utopia. Many areas are very sparsely populated, allowing all sorts of fauna to roam free. Therefore, for wildlife lovers, and for residents, Virginia is a great place to learn about the nature around us. While it is fun to observe the different wildlife, it is also important to remember that some can be dangerous to you and your property and should be removed if they are causing a nuisance. Visit for more information on wildlife removal.

Here are some wildlife species you may spot when in Virginia:


Unfortunately for homeowners, starlings can be a pest and Virginia is facing somewhat of a starling epidemic. Whilst this may be a nuisance for residents, it is perfect for visitors and nature lovers who wish to catch a sight of these birds. Starlings are recognizable for their sea-green sheen contrasting to their otherwise jet-black feathers. They are around the same size as blackbirds, and can sometimes be mistaken for juveniles as a result of their speckled lower half. Starlings are known to become quite tame, as they get their food by scavenging. Therefore, if you have the time and patience, you may be able to get up close to a particularly inquisitive starling.


Various species of pigeons and doves, including wood pigeons and feral pigeons, occupy the state of Virginia. Although synonymous with large urban centers, giving pigeons a bad name in the eyes of some, many live away from human contact, and as a result can be quite reclusive. Whilst pigeon hunters will certainly find their task easier if they go to a city, the more intrepid may want to travel deeper into the Virginian countryside, where they are sure to find more beautiful birds.

Canada Goose

Although Canada Geese are so called because of their yearly migration to Canada, many choose not to take the long and arduous trek at all. As a result, Virginia has a sizeable native population of Canada geese, a treat for goose lovers. Whilst you are more likely to spot Canada geese in large flocks in wetlands, they often travel further afield to feed. When in Virginia, always keep one eye to the sky as you may get to see geese flying in their famous V-shape formation, although you may hear them before you see them!

Black Bear

Whilst the name may strike fear into your heart, the truth is slightly less worrying. Thankfully, black bears pose little threat to pets or to humans and are very shy by nature. It is this elusiveness that appeals to many wildlife lovers, desperate to catch a glimpse of this king of the forest. This already arduous task is made harder by the fact that black bears are largely nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night, particularly dawn and dusk. Nevertheless, bear sightings are not as rare as you may think, and if you are in a woodland area, it would be worth keeping an eye out for this almighty creature.


The bobcat’s slightly comical name detracts from the beauty and serenity of this large feline. Whilst they may remind you of their big cat brothers, bobcats pose absolutely no threat to the general public or any pets you may own. Much the same as the black bear, this is because they are shy by nature and usually only come out at night. This natural shyness ensures you will probably only find a bobcat in densely forested areas, but a wildlife expert may be able to maneuver themselves into a position where sightings are likely. Regardless of what you find, wildlife in Virginia is unlikely to disappoint.