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Basement repair in Virginia Beach: When do you need it?

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Your basement may be one of the areas in your home you don’t like. It’s dark and gloomy. You might not give it a thought until things get serious. Think basement flooding or chronic sneezing.

To avoid health hazards and expensive works, prevention is key.

The question now is, when should you find a reliable basement repair Virginia Beach has to offer?

1. Damp and musty basement

Musty and high humidity are not what your basement should be. It should not smell like your locker room during middle school.

If you notice dampness and moldy odor in your basement, then it is high time to call for an expert. These are the obvious signs of moisture intrusion. Even if you cannot see where the water seeps in, the musty odor and dam environment are all the proof that you need.

2. Wall swelling

Wood swells when wet, absorbing moisture and making it expand. If your wooden walls and floors in your basement start to swell, then you have a water issue. It may not seem like a big issue until your doors are difficult to open or close or you notice large bulges in your walls and ceilings.

So, on the first sign of swelling, make sure to contact a reliable basement repair professional right away.

3. Sparkling basement

In movies, basements are often scary places— dark and quiet. Seeing sparkles in your basement may look appealing, but there’s nothing extraordinary about it.

Glitters in your basement are called efflorescence from the mineral deposits after the water evaporates. It sparkles when light reflects off these deposits. And while it may seem harmless, sparkles in your basement are a sign that moisture is seeping into your basement and you need repairs right away.

4. Bug infestation

If you notice a sudden increase in pests lately, then you might want to look at your basement. A dark, cool, and moist basement is the perfect sweet home for bugs, pests, and other little critters. Plus, cracks and fissures in your basement walls may be a welcoming door for these pests.

Do not let your basement become a nice breeding ground for these pests. If you have a bug problem in your basement, first call an expert exterminator to get rid of them. Then, call a professional basement repair service for thorough inspections and sealing of potential pest entry points.

5. Rust and stains

Iron + Moisture = Rust.

Thus, rusty hinges and nails in your basement only mean it’s time to have your basement inspected and repaired. Rust is an early sign of water intrusion.

In addition to rust, you might also notice stain patches on your basement walls, floor, or ceilings. This means that there may be a plumbing leak or moisture intrusion from outside.

Overlooking the stains or painting them up will not do much to address the underlying issue. The walls or floors may eventually buckle due to the water weight accumulated over time and may cause more expensive basement damages.

Story by Tahir Rafique

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