Balancing education and business goals in our economy


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The question about a major association between education and business usually astounds many individuals. It is one intricate issue that has made it a typical practice for tutors to give students essay writing assignments on this topic. The point of this task is aimed at making scholars aware of this phenomenon and help draw out their perspectives on the connection between these two disciplines. This is because the issue has always been a challenge, hence the need to make students aware of it. For the most part, there are two primary methodologies with regards to relating education and business. These include:

The Skills and Qualifications School Of Thought

Under this way of thinking, it is widely thought that there are those aptitudes about a business that can’t be taught in school. It infers that the most effective skills when it comes to conducting business successfully are actually learnt on the job and not necessarily in the classroom through studying theories.

The skill and qualification view essentially inclines toward the thought that education is profoundly centred around imparting hypothetical information on students. It infers that learning is never a decisive factor with regards to the ability of an individual to run a successful business. It resolves that with the end goal for one to be great at business, they have to be involved in the running of an actual profession, as opposed to learning theories in class. The abilities that one obtains for all intents and purposes in the workplace are what empowers him or her to have the capability to run a steady line of work.

The main differences between these two disciplines lie in the fact that the professional world is decided by the prowess that one has in maintaining a business. In contrast, the education system takes a gander at the capabilities an understudy gets from doing their tests. This creates a disparity in the employment environment because not only qualified people are in demand, experience and expertise in a particular field are also some of the most basic requirements when it comes to landing a job.

The challenge presented here is the reason why students are given essay writing assignments on the balancing education and business goals topic. These assignments can sometimes be a hard nut for students to crack. Therefore, most scholars go online to look for an essay writing service to help them finish the paper.

The Common Sense School of Thought

This is one of the most well-known associations that are there when it comes to relating education and business. The common-sense school of thought is popular because it recognizes that these two disciplines are connected and that they both supplement one another. It proposes that education is a vital part of the business environment. This is so because it is charged with the responsibility of imparting knowledge on individuals hence helping churn out people that are competent in the professional environment.

This theory, at that point, infers that education, through training should assimilate some business practices to make students ready for the work environment. It likewise infers that business ought to in itself bolster the education framework to guarantee that the abilities required in that area are very much instilled on the students as they continue their studies. However, it is important to note that not all business practices can be learnt in theoretical form without actually getting involved in the said business activity. This is due to the following reasons:

  • This kind of movement requires a hands-on methodology, and it develops through the experience the individual gets while consistently performing the particular job activity.
  • Business expertise is ingrained on an individual as he or she is actually interacting with clients and not necessarily through the theories that they learn in class.
  • It takes time for one to master exquisite business skills. This becomes tricky for a lot of students as they do not have this kind of time. Remember, their time is usually consumed by attending classes and studying for their forthcoming exams.

Nonetheless, this should not imply that school doesn’t have a significant task to carry out. Keeping in mind the business framework is one that expects one to have discipline and hierarchical aptitudes. There is no better place to impact these attributes on individuals other than in school. This is because a lot of people attend school when they are young, which is the best time to teach them self control and honesty when interacting with other people.

All in all, these two frameworks are eventually related. The common-sense school of thought is right as it demonstrates that the two fields meddle with each other. To make sure that our youngsters have the best opportunity to land a job after they leave school, we should ensure that we consolidate strategic business policies into our education framework. This, in turn, calls for the business environment to work with our education system to make sure that the best business practices are instilled in the students before they leave school. In this manner, we can be sure of churning out competent individuals who will help drive the economy to new levels.

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