Back in play? New poll has presidential race in North Carolina all even

A new Public Policy Polling survey has President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied in North Carolina.

The PPP poll has both candidates at 49 percent. Romney has been favored to put the Tar Heel State back into the Republican column for much of the 2012 cycle. Obama, a Democrat, won the state in 2008.

The conventional wisdom is that an Obama win in North Carolina would come only in a bigger Obama win nationally, as was the case in 2008.

As in other states in 2012, the strength for the Obama campaign comes in its early-voting push. Obama leads in the PPP poll in North Carolina among early voters by a 58 percent-41 percent margin.

Romney leads 58 percent-41 percent among voters who have yet to vote.

More from the poll online: Click here.

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