Baby must-haves you really need and don’t need

Are you sure you really need all of those products recommended for a newborn? Will your baby actually need all of that stuff? Or maybe you can easily do well with the essentials only?


Some products are necessary in the very beginning when a new baby arrives home, and some of them come handy only when a baby is already 10-12 months old. So, you don’t need to clutter your house, and baby room particularly, with the things, which you’re not going to need during the next year at least. Of course, you can start searching for some qualitative, cheap toddler clothes and accessories without overwhelming yourself. But, as a first-time mom, don’t get tricked that you need to get every product, which is somehow baby-related. Shop wisely.

Things to Buy and Things to Avoid

Having too much stuff at home is as bad as having too little stuff at home. So, don’t rush to the nearest store, trying to get everything, which looks beautiful, cute, or colorful. These features are not the most important ones when it comes to a baby product. So, here what you can definitely avoid while shopping for a newborn.

  • Wipe warmer. You probably think that it is a great idea to have a warm wipe every time you change your baby’s diaper. But this is one of those products, which you won’t use more than a couple of times if not once at all. It is something nice to have, but definitely not the essential.
  • Cute, fancy clothes. Different pieces of clothes are important. It is nice if they are cute only if they are comfortable to take on and off. So, keep it extremely simple.
  • Nursing drapes that look like a big apron. They are not that necessary. Maybe if you receive a nursing drape as a gift, you can use it. But this is definitely not the essential to spend money on. Just use a small blanket or a warm, big scarf instead.

baby must-haves

The Essentials to Buy

Despite the fact that there is so much stuff, which your baby doesn’t actually need during the first months of life, there is a lot of other stuff, which you definitely need to get. Some of the essentials are:

  • Pack’n Play to create a nice sleeping environment for a baby.
  • Lots of swaddle blankets to wrap your baby up in.
  • Baby monitor to see your little one at night or to hear what he/she is doing if he/she is in another room.
  • Baby washcloths. Pick up to 5-6 baby washcloths in the very beginning as you are probably going to need them a lot, especially when your baby is a few months old only. Keep washcloths everywhere around the house, so you can reach them fast anytime you need it.

Of course, every child and every parent is different. So, create your own shopping list before reaching for the next baby-related thing. Analyze what you specifically might need from those two lists above.

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