Avoid talking to your hairdresser after a disastrous result


Your first instinct after suffering from a disastrous hairstyling session might be to get angry, scream all over the place and even hurt the people that have done you harm. Although you have the right to feel frustrated, acting on your anger in this way is not right. Conversely, it makes you even more of the bad guy when in fact, you were the victim.

Some things still need to happen after this problem. You still need to ask for hairdresser compensation. You will also prove that you were indeed the victim and the service given to you was not the same as the service that you asked for.

There is still a long way to go before you get the results you want. Therefore, you have to control your temper as much as possible.

What you have to do

After realising the results were not the same as what you expected, you need to calm down and think things through. Collect your items, take photos of what happened and leave. Don’t speak to anyone. Don’t accept apologies. Don’t even recognise their offer to fix the problem. At this point, your hair has been messed up. You might have also suffered health problems. You can’t do anything anymore.

Visit the doctor

The best thing you should do is to head directly to your doctor. You need to have the problem checked. It could get worse if you receive no treatment. You should also get the medical certificate from the doctor. You need this to prove that there was a problem and it happened because of a treatment that was done to your hair.

Seek legal help

You need compensation after what happened. You can’t just let this go without getting anything in return. You deserve to be paid, and the only way for that to happen is if you have a strong legal team next to you.

If you are going against a huge salon, they will most probably fight back. They also have a legal team that will make you look like the bad guy. They can come up with excuses like you decided to have that kind of hairstyle or you were okay with the idea of going through a specific treatment.

Before you know it, the tables have turned, and instead of being the victim, you are now responsible for the mistake! However, with the right legal team, you will feel more confident. You will be prepared as you go to court. You can have a great legal partner during settlement and negotiation. You won’t get easily intimidated.

In the end, don’t let anyone stop you from claiming what you deserve. When it comes to a burn at work compensation case, the same concept applies. Never feel like it was your fault. You have the right to claim compensation, and you should continue the fight.

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