How to avoid a low Uber passenger rating

uberIf you are the average Uber customer, requesting rides daily, then you should know what an Uber driver goes through. While you maintain that friendly dialog that goes with a comfortable ride, the previous or next passenger could be a sloppy, smelly or some obnoxious guy with a loud mouth.

Most Uber drivers will gladly smack the frustrating passenger with a 1-star rating, and send them into Uber purgatory. If there is one thing an Uber driver wants, it’s to keep out all the harmful elements, from all Uber cars. There is an unwritten code of ethics, where Uber drivers will rate down passengers to assure that no one else has to suffer them. So, don’t think that all passengers get a “free” ride from being disgusting, they don’t. Drivers do rate down passengers, and when a passenger requests a ride and has a low rating, just know that their chance of being picked up is as low as their rating.

Here are some pointers to retain that high Uber passenger rating. I will start from the first stage of the ride and finish with the last action a passenger should make before leaving the car.

Requesting a Ride

It would be beneficial if a request came with a proper location and destination, when I say proper, I mean a place that the driver can access quickly, stand without any danger to himself or his pocket and be able to park and drive off easily.

In Ride Conditions

If you smoke, don’t. Try not to enter the car immediately after you finish or during a cigarette. The stench is still strong, and some drivers are virtually allergic to the smell.

Do not enter the car with food or drink, unless you have no choice. The chances of spilling your drink or food bits on the upholstery are high, and even if you think you didn’t, the bits on your clothes will fall off onto the upholstery when you move to get out. Another issue with food is the smell. Some drivers do not want the smell of food all over their car interior.

Now let’s talk about eating itself if you are a silent eater great, but many chew with their mouth open and the sound can infuriate some drivers to the extent of total distraction.

Aftershave/Perfume, if you have to use this for cosmetic reasons or medical ones such as to cover up your body odor, do so with moderation. There is nothing viler than breathing in a solid cloud of cologne. It also leaves an after smell in the car that can cause the next passenger to gag.

Sound volume, this means music, phone calls and just talking. If you are going to play your music or watch a video or even play a game, turn down the volume. If there is something so infuriating, it is the disrespectful use of smartphone. Loud phone calls are annoying, shouting over the phone seems to be a national pastime, but why do it in a car when there is no outside noise interfering with the conversation.

Conversation is a major issue; not every Uber driver appreciates jokes or talkative hyper-happy people. When getting into the car, greet the driver, make sure the destination is known and just relax. Start a conversation around grey subjects, if you want to talk, and wait to see how the driver reacts.

Navigation issues, don’t argue with the driver on how to get to your location. You can suggest a route, but believe me, the driver knows how to get to your destination and uses both a GPS map as well as his/her knowledge and experience to get you there.


We reached our destination; you are ready to get out. You should thank the driver for his help, and the ride. Compliment the driver if there is a reason to. Then tip the driver, remember, cash is king, an Uber driver is not driving for the fun of meeting people, he/she is working to make an income. Tipping is proof of appreciation and goes much farther then compliments.

Bottom Line

When you get into an Uber car, think of how you would feel if you were driving, would you want crazy in the back seat? Passenger ratings can always be high with just one simple trick: Relax in the back of the car and converse with the driver without over exaggerating any action. Its quite simple and anyone can do it.

Author’s Bio

Bikram Bhangoo is the co-founder of RidesharingForum who helps rideshare drivers and riders to find answers to their most pressing questions. With over 5 years of experience, Bikram brings a vast amount of knowledge, style and skills to help fellow drivers. He has given over 10,000 rides with Uber, and more than 3,000 rides with Lyft.


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