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When you are looking for automated speech recognition services, you want the best of the best, right? After all, if the job isn’t done correctly, then your transcription is useless. What should you be looking for in a decent speech recognition API that the most prominent companies could trust? Let’s take a look!

Accuracy of the transcription

If you are looking for a quality transcription service, then this is where your focus is going to need to be. Big companies do not have time to mess around with subpar translations. They want everything perfect right away.

This is why people must choose a transcription service that has spent an incredibly long time developing their API. This is a service that has invested in their company, which means you know you will get a quality transcription service.

The best companies will be those that go to great lengths to show you how high in quality their transcription is. For example, if a company can provide a rating for how accurate each word, then this is going to be better. It makes the whole editing process a lot easier.

Customer service

In almost all cases, a transcription with the right company will go off without a hitch. However, it is still wise to choose a company with a decent customer service system. This is important for big companies. They need their transcriptions to be completed fast and, if they do run into any issues, they need to know that somebody has their back to help them out right away. They do not have the time to be waiting days and days for a response to be given.

The most trusted automated speech recognition APIs will have a customer support system available for their clients 24/7. This means that any transcriptions can be received quickly and accurately.


Price shouldn’t be the main focus when opting for a transcription service. Accuracy is going to be above everything else. However, let’s face it, the majority of people that are looking for a transcription service will be those that are running businesses. This means that they need to get things done for an affordable price, particularly if they have a lot of transcription that needs to be done.

In our opinion, the best companies will be the ones that charge by the second. This will help cut down the transcription cost, and it means that people will never be spending cash on minutes that are not having transcribed.

Extra features

On top of all of this, it would be great to enjoy some extra features that can help the company be trusted. Remember, the whole purpose of using automated speech recognition is to ensure that the transcription is completed to a point where it is ready to use right away, often with the minimum of editing.

Many companies that have transcriptions carried out will be doing so because they want captions in their videos. So, it would be great if you could find a trustworthy company that produces these subtitle-ready file formats.

Other features may include excluding profanity from text, etc.


In recent years, a lot of transcription services have started to appear. Make sure that you do your research. Use a company that the big businesses are using, and you can’t go wrong.

Story by David Van Der Ede

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