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Augusta is ‘home’ for new county school superintendent

Chuck Bishop started early in Augusta County schools, and if he has his way, he’ll finish up there, too.

“The opportunity to come home was too much to pass up,” said Bishop, who left the top post in the Radford school system to take over as the superintendent of schools in his native Augusta County on July 1.

The Buffalo Gap High School alum had previously served as principal at Riverheads High School and then five years in the school system’s central office before being hired as superintendent in Radford in 2005.

“Like most people who get involved in education, there were people along the way for me who made an impression on me, teachers that I’d had throughout the years from elementary school all the way up through high school had just made such a lasting impression on me. I wanted to have the same kind of impact on others,” Bishop said.

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