Augusta County: Public input sought for recreational river access

augusta countyThe Augusta County Parks and Recreation Department is asking for public input for the Recreational River Access Survey which will help guide staff in evaluating potential projects, particularly those that would provide public access for recreational activities such as fishing and boating.

The survey will be available on Sept. 10-23, online at as well as through hard copy versions that can be found in Augusta County libraries and at the Augusta County Government Center.

There is an established need for water access for fishing and boating, based on a public survey completed in 2015-16 by Augusta County Parks and Recreation and the 2018 Virginia Outdoors Plan Regional Recommendations for the Central Shenandoah region. The hope is that the response data will help identify specific areas for ideal public access so that County staff can focus efforts in a way that aligns with public interest. Data collected with this survey also will assist staff in submitting proposals for funding programs that are currently available to improve recreational access to the river networks in Augusta County.

Andy Wells, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, stated, “We are currently in the process of developing grant proposals whose funding could help create wonderful opportunities for outdoor water recreation in the County. With various grants that are available, there is the potential to create access points along the rivers in Augusta County.”

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