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Augusta County high schools introduce new computer science courses

There is good news for the high school students of Augusta County. They will now be able to train for a future in the world of computing thanks to funding from an Amazon initiative. Until now, only Riverheads High School has run a computer science course for its students. That is about to change.

Students who have a head for tech and problem solving, from converting video content to digital to creating a new travel app, can now put their talents to greater use. They can also expand their horizons, as the world of computer science comes to Augusta high schools.

Relationship with Amazon Future Engineer Program

The new provision has arisen thanks to the Amazon Future Engineer Program which is helping to create the computer scientists and engineers of the future. Every high school in Augusta will provide access to computer science teaching next year. The sponsorship from Amazon covers the provision of introductory and advanced online courses, and the training of teachers, in this specialist subject.

The division welcomes the new partnership as a means of providing education that is fit for the 21st century. Computer science is the way forward and has applications across every sector, including manufacturing, medicine and IT.  The division discovered that its application for funding had been successful in mid-January and the news has been welcomed by Augusta County Instructional Supervisor Angie Deitz.

She has explained that the online courses will be hosted on Canvas, with classroom support provided by teachers. It’s hoped that most of this support will be provided by teachers who are already in post as training for them is part of the program.

Only the start for Augusta students

The new program is not just providing computer science training for Augusta high school students; that is just the start of the story. Once they have completed their high school career, students can go on to study computer science at University, and they can apply for funding from the Amazon program to help them.

$10,000 scholarships are available through the program. They are aimed at allowing students from less privileged backgrounds to study a subject that has many real world applications.

Vital for Augusta’s future

It’s not just the students that benefit from the program, it’s Augusta County as a whole. The new provision should aid Augusta’s compliance with the state’s computer science standards. This is essential as it’s estimated that around 557,100 new computer driven roles will be created in the US  by 2026. Augusta cannot afford to fall behind in this area.

The results of the Amazon program have been proven. It’s already providing opportunities for young people to get involved in the world of computer science, and it’s benefiting communities as a  result. The high school students of Augusta are now going to see those benefits first hand. This is excellent news for the future of Augusta as it continues to embrace technological advances.