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Augusta County: Deputies will not threaten arrest unless you send money

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The Augusta County Sheriff’s Office has recently received multiple complaints involving a scam that involves someone portraying themselves to be a member of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office who threatens arrest unless the victim sends money.

The scammer calls from either a spoofed number or a number not associated with the Sheriff’s Office and usually informs the victim that they missed court, failed to answer a subpoena, the like, and informs them that there is a warrant for their arrest. This is usually followed by instruction for the victim to purchase a prepaid VISA card, iTunes gift cards, Google Play cards, or Green Dots cards, and call the “officer” back.

At that time, they instruct the victim to provide the numbers on the card, which allows them to complete the fraud.

During the course of the scam, the scammer may also ask for identifying information.

Law enforcement agencies will never solicit money or gift cards in lieu of arrest.

If you have any question or concern regarding the legitimacy of someone claiming to be law enforcement, call your local law enforcement agency for verification.

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