Augusta County Board of Supervisors to vote on property tax rate next week

Augusta CountyThe Augusta County Board of Supervisors will vote on real estate and personal property tax rates at its May 13 regular meeting.

The rates have been proposed to remain the same to where they are in the current fiscal year – at 63 cents per $100 assessed value for real estate, $2.00 per $100 assessed value for personal property (auto & motorcycle, campers, boats, boat trailers, horse trailers, airplanes, trailer) and $2.50 per $100 assessed value for personal property (business, large trucks and trailers, machinery & tools).

The BOS will also hold public hearings for the proposed real estate tax penalty and interest will be held and the board will also vote on the budget.

The full agenda can be seen online.

The public hearings are for ordinance changes which would temporarily bring penalty and interest on 2020 real estate tax to 0 percent penalty and 5 percent or less interest rate until Aug. 31, 2020.

The current rates are 10 percent penalty and 10 percent interest.

At the board meeting on April 22, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to extend the real estate property tax due date from June 5 to June 26.

The board will also vote on the budget which uses estimated revenue adjusted for the projected economic impacts from COVID-19.

The budget can be viewed at

How to participate 

Speak at the meeting by signing up ahead of time online at or call 540-245-5600 to register to speak. Commentary may also be submitted through the same link or over the phone. Commentary will be noted at the meeting and added to the minutes.

Email with your comments. Comments submitted through email will be noted at the meeting and added to minutes.

View and comment on Augusta County’s Facebook Livestream. Questions or comments on Facebook that are directed to the board will be relayed. In one comment space, type your name and address first and follow immediately with your comment or question. Giving your name and address will indicate that your comment is intended for the meeting and will be part of official records, noted at the meeting and added to minutes.

Call in to speak on the night of the meeting using one of the following numbers. Citizens are asked to sign up to speak ahead of time at

  • (508) 924-2087 (for those using a mobile phone)(844) 855-4444 (toll-free for those using a land line)

Callers can follow the meeting through livestream and, at the appropriate time, will be prompted to call in. Callers can also call either number any time after 7 pm and wait on hold until the appropriate time. Callers will be muted upon entering the conference call. When it is the caller’s turn to speak, the phone line will be unmuted and they will hear a prompt to speak.

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