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Augusta County Board of Supervisors approves redistricting map

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The Augusta County Board of Supervisors approved new magisterial district boundaries at its meeting on Wednesday.

The approved district boundaries map, formerly referred to as Draft 4, is shown in the graphic below and on our redistricting website. You can also view the changes in district boundaries from the current district lines by viewing Draft 4 on our interactive GIS redistricting site.

The Board-approved boundaries will now be submitted to the Commonwealth’s Office of the Attorney General.  The boundaries will not go into effect until after the Attorney General’s office reviews it and certifies no objection. We anticipate a response from the office no later than the beginning of  March 2022.

The state has scheduled public hearings for state and Congressional district boundaries on December 15 and December 17. Assuming the state process progresses as scheduled, the county redistricting committee plans to start the voting precinct redistricting process in early January. This process will need to move quickly in order to obtain a certificate of no objection from the Office of the Attorney General with ample time prior to June primary elections.

The county redistricting committee looks forward to hearing citizen feedback on proposed voting precincts and voting locations. Similar to the district boundaries process, the Board will schedule a public hearing and approve a plan to submit to the Attorney General.

Every ten years, Augusta County must review and analyze new census data to ensure magisterial districts are balanced in population and follow redistricting criteria. For more about redistricting requirements and general information about the county’s process, visit

The redistricting committee, including staff and two Board of Supervisors representatives, is responsible for this process.


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