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Auditions at Stage4 for children’s musical

Stage4 Theatre and ShenanArts are holding auditions this weekend for Children’s Letters to God, a musical directed by Jeff McDaniel that will be staged in February 2009.

The auditions will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1-5:30 p.m. at Stage4 Theatre in Verona.

The roles being auditioned for include”

– Joanna, 13. Bright, responsible, and romantic, she often is forced to take care of her intrusive sibling, Kicker, who at times drives everyone crazy. She’s in the same class as Brett, on whom she has her heart set.

– Kicker, 9. Joanna’s sibling; imaginative; questions everything; often feels powerless, being the youngest and the smallest in the group.

– Brett , 13. A doubter, sometimes a tad cocky to cover his insecurity, parents divorced. His prized possession is a baseball cap covered with a variety of pins from special places which he wears at all times.

– Iris, 11. Passionately in love with her pet turtle, Arnold. Tends to overdramatize herself.

– Theo, 11. About to celebrate his 12th birthday. Totally inept physically but is happy that he is not as physically inept as Kicker. Would fervently like to be an athlete/hero. Wears glasses.

– Maureen, 13. Best friend of Joanna. Being of another faith, she is always trying to remind her friends that there are a lot of religions in the world that have their own beliefs and their own interpretation of God and their own religious holidays. Is very jealous of a girl who was recognized as a hero for saving her brother from drowning. Also has a secret crush on Brett.

– Ensemble. The ensemble will number somewhere between six and 19 (Total cast will be no larger than 25 ). Six members of the ensemble will be cast as understudies of the six leads.

Audition Requirements: Please prepare one musical theatre-style song. Piano will be provided if you have an accompanist. Accompanist will not be provided. You may use prerecorded backing track as long as they do not include lead vocals or you may sing a cappella. Be prepared to sing scales and read excerpts from the script.

For more info, contact Jeff McDaniel at or 540.220.1449 (after 6 p.m., please)

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