ATM skimming device found at DCCU Staunton branch location

dupont-credit-unionOn Sunday, a skimming device was found on an ATM located at the DuPont Community Credit Union Community Way office in Staunton.

The device was quickly detected and removed and no member data was compromised.

Due to the increased skimming threat our community is facing, DCCU has adjusted its security measures to focus on detection, deterrence, and education.

DCCU physically inspects each of its ATMs multiple times a day (including weekends), has modified its electronic monitoring/deterrent solution, and has released several community education pieces about skimming. As of today, this strategy has resulted in three skimming devices being removed from DCCU ATMs, and in each case no member data was compromised.

As a reminder, here are some key points to remember when visiting an ATM or using any type of card reader:

  • Carefully inspect card readers before inserting your card. Skimming equipment is often loosely attached for easy removal. If it’s loose or comes off, you have likely discovered a skimmer.
  • Watch for unusual marks, scratches or loose pieces of equipment on any card reader.
  • If you think the ATM may have a skimmer on it, report it to the financial institution/ATM owner immediately.

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