Are horse racing tipsters worth it?

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Horse racing is one of the most popular betting sports all over the world. There always comes a time within a bettor’s journey, where they contemplate taking up a tipster to add to their own personal experience and success. For some punters, they hear of tipsters but are unsure of whether or not they should actually go for it.

Today, is a small guide on giving you the exact facts you need to know, when it comes to selecting those horse racing tipsters, as well as the extra tips and tricks that everyone should know about the tipster business. After you read this guide you should hopefully be able to head on down to, to place some bets possibly advised by your own tipster.

What is a good ROI?

This is the big question that punters should ask themselves, when looking for reliable tipsters. Some punters who turn to being a tipster, will often have to, due to many bookmakers blocking their accounts. It is the way of the gambling world, once a bookmaker recognises that you are making quite a lot of money, it can be a huge threat to their ROI. Some of the famous tipsters’ report ROI’s of 16%, which is hugely successful-especially when measured over many years. Others report a 3% mark, which is still good, considering they may have been in the industry for over 10-15 years for example.

Some of the best tipsters in the industry have the following statistics:

  • The Rooster-27.67% from a total of 1150 bets.
  • Bet Alchemist- 15% ROI fro, 2015-2017.
  • Hugh Taylor- 29% ROI seven years straight.

Consistent results that spread over many years, is the key to you knowing that a tipster can be relied upon. By breaking up the stats year on year you can look at when in particular that they actually managed to perform quite strongly, and make your deductions from that.

The trouble with tipsters

So, the issue with tipsters, is the fact that there are thousands of them online and picking between them is difficult, especially due to the fact that only a small percentage of them actually have a percentage that is worthy to trust and go forward with. It is often necessary for all tipsters to put their stats up, so if you happen to see a gap in their records, that should be alarming to you and you possibly should question-what happened here exactly? With so many horse races out there, some tipsters will be transparent on only dabbling in a certain few, rather than each and every one, and that is okay. For that reason, you may pick multiple tipsters who are more acquainted with the races you follow, such as The Royal Ascot, Kentucky Derby and Melbourne Cup. That is certainly the way around it, by being specific with the statistics and races accordingly.

However, one thing you will need to consider when selecting a tipster, is the fact that some will be in the middle of a winning streak, meaning you will need to take that into account, and that will reflect on their ROI. Being mindful of the dates and all aspects of the records shown for a tipster, will have you make a better picture on what to expect from using them to support your bet strategy.

You also need to consider how much the tipsters will have bet at a time. Imagine the profits shown in the past two months, come in at £2000. It is actually very easy to neglect the fact that this could account for just two bets, where the tipster bet £1000 at a time! Meaning their betting strategy would not exactly be aligned with yours at all in that case, especially if you have low limits when you place a bet. You would find this massively hard to relate to. Knowing these details are important, because as we said before, each tipster will come with their own way to gambling, with different limits and styles. When you bet larger, this always yields greater profit, however, you may not actually be comfortable with taking the risk with large amounts, meaning the betting principles showcased by such a tipster would not correlate with yours.

Sample size and losing streak

The sample size and losing streak are other factors that you will need to take into account. Ideally, the tipster will have all their track records of bets placed and profits made, to ensure they are completely transparent for the community that they want to build. If you do not see all the intricate details, you would have to wonder why they have not been shared, as it is common knowledge that they should disclose such information. While it is not compulsory, it is expected. Tipsters are usually guilty of displaying their winning streaks only, and as mentioned before this can be noticeable if you find a game in the years of records provided. You should wonder what exactly happened there?

The losing streak is another issue that is vital to consider. Some tipsters will be happy to go through 10-20 losing streaks before they see a win. You need to ask yourself, is that something that aligns with the way you want to bet? Are you actually prepared to lose so many times before you see a profit come in? Because not all can actually deal with such excessive losing streaks, some run their bankrolls on a very tight schedule, and that is okay, it just characterises your gambling styles at the end of the day.

Everything is a numbers game, so if a tipster discloses that he has a 30%-win rate, that still means that out of 1000 bets, you can still lose over 19 bets in a row. At 20% that can stretch towards 30 losing bets in a row. Hey, it all adds up as huge losses to your bankroll overall, right?


After reading this, hopefully you may have come to see the reality that comes with the tipster industry. It is never a bad thing to go for it, you just have to be fully aware that they can suffer losses too, and if you follow blindly, without checking all the details of their losses etc. you could fall into a trap built on misinterpretations. Many punters do it, and it is a piece of the journey. However, the more you are aware of the reality behind the industry, the better your selections of tipsters will be to follow through on.

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