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Are first-class train tickets worth it?

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When planning a train journey, it is always worth considering whether or not you should book first-class because this could have such a big impact on your entire journey and how you feel when you arrive at your destination. Read on to find out more about how you can make this decision.

What is First-Class?

First-class is a reserved section of the train where you can enjoy reclined seats, extra leg and elbow room, complimentary Wi-Fi and free snacks amongst other perks. This can make travelling on the train a much more relaxing, enjoyable and quiet experience and anyone that travels regularly knows just how cramped and stressful it can be elsewhere on the train.

Finding Affordable Tickets

Of course, the biggest drawback of first-class is that it is much more expensive than a regular train ticket which can make it difficult to afford. First-class can be expensive but you should also know that there are a few ways to find more affordable first-class tickets which could make it possible for you to enjoy all the luxuries without paying through the teeth.

Off-Peak & Journey Planners

Travelling off-peak is a great way to make first-class more affordable and you might find it even cheaper than travelling standard class during peak times. Another way that you can find more affordable first-class tickets is to use an app or the website of a ticket provider in advance to find the cheapest available first-class tickets. You simply need to search for your destination and the date so that you can find the best time to travel, such as on a train to Kings Cross. You can also use a railcard to make first-class (and all other journeys) much more affordable if you are a regular traveller.


It helps if you are booking your train ticket as far in advance as possible as this could help you to save money while also ensuring that there is availability. It is possible to upgrade to first-class on certain journeys but you will need to speak to ticket staff at the departure station and then pay the difference. It is possible to get last-minute first-class tickets with a journey planner but it may be more expensive.

First-class can be a fantastic way to travel on the train, especially for longer journeys. While it is understandable that the cost can be deterrent, it is worth seeing if you can find first-class tickets for cheaper prices because you might be surprised at how much you could save and it can make such a big difference to your entire journey.