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Are bingo, casino and slots sites becoming more popular in the UK

Although online casinos have been around since the late 90’s, they have to experience seismic growth in popularity during the last few years. Today, we have thousands of online casino, slots and bingo sites offering an array of games throughout the world. Many factors have contributed to this growth. When it comes to casinos, slots and bingo, no country embraces these games passionately as the United Kingdom.

The finest casinos, bingo and slots sites originate in the UK proving that in gambling here is highly praised, click here to see a good example. Perhaps what makes Britons so keen in gambling is the presence of regulated casino platforms. According to researchers, the most common gambling in the UK is bingo, casino and sports betting.

According to Statistics the number of active gambling customer accounts in Great Britain as of March 2018 was 35.19 million which is significant growth compared to the 24.08 players in March 2014. To put this into perspective the total gross gambling yield in the UK in 2018 was 14.4 billion pounds. Similarly, the number of betting premises in Great Britain stood at 8532. This depicts how big the industry has grown

Research by the UK Gambling Commission in 2016 concluded that nearly half of the population had gambled within the last four weeks.

About 97% of them had gambled from home. Playing casino has always been past time activity in the UK. However, the number of online casino, slots and bingo has grown over the years. In fact, the number of Bingo players overtook tennis players in the UK long ago. Today remote gambling is the biggest betting sector.

More players in the UK are flock slots machines that incorporate gambling features. Here people risk all they can in the hope to multiply them. Thanks to the mobile device thousand of players can access the sites online. Mobile slots, casino and bingo sites offer players chances of winning huge jackpots and daily promotions in forms of free spins, bonuses and other offers.

The popularity of slots, bingo and casinos can be attributed to the following.


Most players can access the sites via their smart devices at the comfort of their homes. Think of playing bingo or slots at the comfort of your sofa wearing your Pyjamas. Sounds interests, right? Well, it is no wonder we are experiencing such unprecedented popularity.

Games availability

Growth of mobile casinos has significantly contributed to the growth of online bingo, slots and casino games growth in the UK. More and more sites are launching new games every day.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile casino growth has contributed to the popularity of online games. More people are actively looking for gaming on the go. As a result, more online bingo, casinos and slots are launching mobile optimized games. Today you can simply join a site by login to their browser or using an app.

Online Banking

The convenience of online banking has made potential enabled players to feel comfortable when playing online casino, slots and bingo. They can easily cash out on the winnings.

Promotions and Bonus

Online slots, Bingo and casinos have unlimited offers. They are very competitive compared to their land-based counterparts. These offers come in terms of free deposit bonus especially to newcomers, loyalty points and free spins. Online casino players can use these offers to boost their bankroll.

Casino games in the UK

There are about 150 land-based casinos in the UK. However, most people prefer playing one or several of the gambling sites available in the UK. According to data most casino enthusiast prefers playing online slots and casino.

Bingo in the United Kingdom

The gross gaming yield of the UK bingo industry back in 2017 was about £4 billion hence the most lucrative business in the UK. It started as a recreational game but becoming a gambling game in the 1960s. Most of the players are women. Most of the players are below 45 years.

Today more people are playing Bingo than ever before. As expected the traditional bingo is on the decline although many people still trip down to bingo halls to enjoy a game with their friend. Online sites also provide social experience through chat rooms. As a result, more people choose to play online instead of going to traditional halls. This has led to the closure of many casino, slots and bingo clubs in the UK.

The declining number of bingo clubs in the UK partially due to the tax system the growing trends tends to favor the online sites. The largest proportion of people embracing bingo, slots and casino games are between the ages 20 to 25.

Bingo experiences the highest number of players during the Bingo season in the UK.

This season corresponds to December. During this season the number shoots up to 50%. This drastic growth is also attributed to the winter months. Bongo, slots and casinos become a comforting way to enjoy winning cash at the comfort of your home and also socialize with other people.

Social media has also contributed significantly to the growth of bingo, slots and casino sites. It is such a great marketing avenue that offers the sites a more engaging and interactive platform. The sites can showcase the games with better results to a wider audience.

With online casinos, you can enjoy tournaments against other online casino members in a wide range of games including blackjack, poker and many more. This tournaments area more enjoyable, realist and exciting compared to which pit you against a computer.

In response to the growing popularity, the industry players are continually coming with better ways to make the slots, bingo and casinos more available to the players. This includes adding more bingo and slots to their collection. Similarly, they are offering free spins. It then becomes very easy to win money playing online slots.

The number of casinos has made completion between operators more fierce. Casino sites are resorting to offering personalized experience such that they are given games they are likely to enjoy depending on the games they have enjoyed before. Already software companies are spending resources to come up with new and innovative ways to make the games more entertaining.  This means that players will have new games features, new themes and more interactive interface for each game.

The popularity of slots, Bingo and casino in the does not show any signs of dwindling anytime soon. In fact, the industry seems like it will continue to change and grow in ways we have only dreamt of. Online casinos are passionately embracing the UK love for casinos, bingo and slots.


The continuous technology advancements help the bingo, slots and casino sites to offer quintessential services which continue to attract new customers. As the more exciting innovations continue to sprout online gambling is expected to grow as it competes with these new developments.

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