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Appeals court strikes down individual mandate of ACA: Comment

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The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, because Republicans don’t care whether you have healthcare.

Somebody has to say it.

Anyway, here’s Mark Warner on that.

“Despite the millions of Americans who have gained health care coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the critical protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, Republicans remain determined to throw out our existing health care system with no viable options to replace it,” Warner said.

Right on.

More from Warner:

“The uncertainty created by this court ruling and the repeated attacks on our nation’s health care laws place essential health care coverage for American families in serious jeopardy. As I have said before – the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress should be working in a bipartisan fashion to strengthen existing law, not engaging in misguided attempts to take away people’s healthcare.

“Should Republicans succeed in their campaign of health care sabotage, millions of Americans would be without insurance, have higher costs, and have fewer protections. In light of this ruling – I remain committed to strengthening our health care law and will do everything I can to protect it.”

A quick comment from Congressman Don Beyer, D-Va.:

“This ruling underscores the fact that the end result of Republicans’ healthcare vision would be the evisceration of protections for people with preexisting conditions, tens of millions of Americans losing coverage, and more expensive healthcare for much of the country.”

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