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Another example of how TNA doesn’t know what it’s doing: Willow

Willow. You’ve seen the promo videos. No doubt you don’t care, but it’s Jeff Hardy behind the character.

And no doubt you don’t care, but Willow is based on a character that Hardy used in the small North Carolina promotion that Jeff and Matt Hardy started back in the 1990s and revived on a limited basis last year.

So Willow is coming back. TNA is trying to get us all lathered up over that. And not over the return of Jeff Hardy, three-time TNA world champ.

Here we go again with the geniuses at TNA not knowing how to do whatever it is you do to get people interested in your product.

Just as was and is still being done with Abyss, and the ridiculous comedy act that is Joseph Park, creative in TNA is taking a marketable star and … doing something else with him.

Maybe they’re going to go down the direction of having Hardy and Willow be a split personality like Abyss and Park. (Please, no, not again!)

Maybe the idea is to try to have Hardy as Willow take the place of Sting as the shadowy face star of the company.

Maybe, for all we know, this Willow turn will end up playing some sort of role in the abomination that is the MVP-Dixie Carter investor angle.

In any case, it’s just not good for business. Jeff Hardy is probably the biggest star that you have left with the departures of Sting, Hulk Hogan and Jeff Jarrett. To call him by any other name than Jeff Hardy makes no sense whatsoever.

– Column by Chris Graham

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