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Another day, another new gas price record

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The average retail price of a gallon of regular gasoline in Virginia hit $4.10 a gallon overnight, according to AAA – shattering the old record of $4.01 set back in 2008.

Today’s price is up 12 cents from yesterday, 66 cents in a week, 82 cents in a month and is $1.45 more expensive than this day a year ago.

The Richmond ($4.11) and Norfolk ($4.15) metro areas also set new records today after climbing well above the previous all-time high prices set 14 years ago in 2008.

Nationally, the average retail price reached $4.17 a gallon, surpassing the record of $4.11 from July 2008. The national average has climbed 56 cents in the past week, 72 cents in the past month, and is $1.40 higher than one year ago.

“The effects of geopolitical tension between Russia and Ukraine, coupled with tight worldwide oil supplies and increased demand, continue to impact the upward climb of crude oil and, in turn, gas prices,” said Morgan Dean, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “Drivers are feeling the pain at the pump and we’re still months away from the start of the peak summer driving season.”

AAA gas prices: Virginia

Average price per gallon of self-serve, regular gasoline

Today Weekly Change


Last Month Last Year Record High Price
National $4.17 Up 56 cents $3.45 $2.77 $4.17


Virginia $4.10 Up 66 cents $3.28 $2.65 $4.10


Norfolk $4.15 Up 76 cents $3.28 $2.61 $4.15


Richmond $4.11 Up 71 cents $3.28 $2.67 $4.11


Roanoke $4.01 Up 62 cents $3.19 $2.58 $4.13 9/15/2008

Gas prices provided by AAA,

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