Anne Holton, Kenny Alexander highlight Clinton/Kaine small business plan

hillary clintonAt events in Norfolk and Richmond on Tuesday, Anne Holton, Norfolk Mayor Kenny Alexander and Virginia small business owners highlighted Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine’s new plan for small businesses, which will support small businesses at every step of the way.

The plan is designed to make life easier for Virginia’s more than 680,000 small businesses, by allowing them to cut through the red tape, get access to loans, reduce paperwork and expanding access to new markets.

“Hillary today introduced her plan for how we can help small businesses all over. They’re the engines of job growth,” said Anne Holton. “She’s got a phenomenal plan to help simplify the process of starting a business, to help simplify taxes, to help simplify access to credit so folks can grow and sustain great small businesses like this.”

Clinton and Kaine understand that too often the deck is stacked against Virginia small businesses and it’s easier for big corporations to get a break. It shouldn’t take longer to start a business in America than it does in another country.

In contrast, Donald Trump has spent his entire career stiffing small businesses, refusing to pay the bills and would rather give large tax breaks to large corporations and the super-wealthy. Trump has exploited working people and their families all to enrich himself.

“Small businesses continue to be the primary generator of new jobs in America, and Clinton’s plan would support them at every step of the way,” said Norfolk Mayor Kenny Alexander. “Donald Trump on the other hand has made a career of stiffing small businesses and refusing to pay his bills across the country – even putting some on the path to bankruptcy.”

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