Angela Lynn: Steve Landes ignores Virginia children

angela lynnOp-ed by Angela Lynn

I have five children. I care deeply about my children and I am running for office because I care about the children of the Commonwealth and providing them the best opportunities to succeed in life. Many of the differences between Steve Landes and I are focused on the policies that we support to better children’s futures.

One way that the public and organizations figure out who to support is through the endorsement process. Organizations send out questionnaires that focus on policy positions for their specific issue. One of these organizations is Voices for Virginia’s Children. The organization is a 501(c)(3) which means that they do not engage in political work or endorse candidates. They do however, send out a questionnaire and post the responses on their website for public consumption. Organizations like this are important to educate the public on candidate’s positions. I received, filled out, and returned the Voices for Virginia’s Children’s questionnaire, as I do with most organizations. Steve also received the questionnaire, but didn’t have time to fill it out, because I guess he thinks our children’s future isn’t worth it. You can see his response here, and my response here.

It is absolutely disgraceful that Steve seems to find time to attend fundraisers across the district and seems to find time for organizations that donate to him but can’t seem to take a little bit of time to fill out this questionnaire. What is more important, getting some money from Dominion and Duke Energy or espousing proposals to better youth development? He says that he doesn’t want to be misrepresented, but the words are his and his alone. His inaction speaks louder than any response could.

He refuses to fill out questionnaires, dodges debates, and only shows up during election time. It is about time that we had a representative in Richmond that is actively engaged in the whole of our community and has solutions to the problems we face, rather than blame the federal government.

I am that candidate and I will work for every constituent.

Angela Lynn is the Democratic Party nominee in the 25th House District.

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