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Andrew Miller’s take on why CEOs should implement company culture

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Company culture is a popular and highly used term in business. But what is it exactly, and why is it important to have? Andrew Miller, former CEO of Polycom Inc., explained to us that company culture relates to the values and behaviors that decide how staff and management interact and handle outside business transactions. Miller was able to provide us with more information on how and why CEOs should focus on maintaining and developing an effective culture.

What the handbook leaves out

It is important to understand that company culture is not written in your organization’s handbook. Company culture is how your team will respond to unprecedented requests, how they will decide to let their boss know their new idea, and establish the integrity within your business. No company culture is the same. Miller believes that the goal is to create a company culture that allows your employees to have fun while leading to a productive and effective work environment is the goal.

But why does it matter

As a CEO, you shouldn’t want your team dreading the thought of coming into the office and working another day. You spend a large part of your day working. If this time is spent in a stressful environment, the chances of your employees clocking out for the last time become greater. This is where company culture comes into play. The atmosphere of your company can maintain employee passion, resulting in employee loyalty and happiness. Furthermore, this would result in a more productive environment, which helps your business to get a leg up on its rivals.

Recruiting tool

In general, what prospective employee isn’t drawn to a workplace in an open working atmosphere with plenty of transparency and employee freedom? By seeing your company culture has adapted these features, will place your company on a higher level. Adapting a unique culture, you’ll have driving values that your employees will live by, which will help your company get through tough times. Investing in a company culture that focuses on keeping employees happy will result in lower turnover, improved results, and loyal employees.

Adapting and maintaining

Culture is the heart of company values and is best shown in businesses that practice what they preach. Focus on creating an atmosphere that drives your employees to focus on individual and company growth. Once your culture develops, set it as your standard and continue to live by it on a daily basis.

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