Andrew Griffin: Why I voted for Ted Cruz

andrew griffinAfter two catastrophic presidential terms that has resulted in progressive policy changes that threaten the entire conservative movement, now is not the time for the Republican Party to experiment with unproven candidates. There is more at stake in this year’s election than has been the case in decades, which is why we must unite under the only proven conservative, Senator Ted Cruz.

The Republican Party has gradually lost its identity, neglecting many of its most fundamental principles in the process. While the complexity of international affairs has dominated the news cycle, it becomes easy to overlook the moral crisis America is facing right here at home. But if we lose our moral resolve, what principles are we fighting to maintain overseas? The war on traditional family values, sanctity of life, Constitutional rights, and limits on federal overreach threaten the foundation on which this nation was founded so many years ago. As such, I do not feel comfortable casting my vote for anyone other than the one candidate in this race who has made it his life’s mission to uphold these values.

Senator Cruz has a proven record of taking the conservative fight directly to the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the President – all while never compromising his faith or judgment in the process. The arguments regarding his likability and his sometimes questionable approach to governing are valid. However, those are small potatoes considering what has hung in the balance during each of the controversies surrounding him.

The resignation of Speaker Boehner in 2015 and the rise of candidates who do not fit the establishment mold are indicative of public perception. Senator Cruz has consistently led the fight for the people who feel forgotten by the representatives they have elected, even making enemies within his own party to do so. It is this unwillingness to cave on core principles, even in the face of scrutiny, that we need to lead this nation as Commander in Chief – and the only person to do that is Ted Cruz.

Andrew Griffin is a candidate for the Fifth District Republican congressional nomination.


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