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Virginia covid-19

Can school systems defy the governor on school mask policies?

Albemarle County and Charlottesville are going to keep their school masking policies in place, in defiance of the executive order lifting them signed by Gov. Glenn Youngkin over the weekend. Chris Graham examines the legal issues involved.

supreme court

The People v. Mississippi: Defending women’s right to choose

Within the next few months the Supreme Court will decide on Mississippi’s challenge to Roe V. Wade.

morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: No oversight, no accountability

If Congress was graded on a report card, one of the subjects it would be graded on is oversight. Ensuring the faithful execution of the laws and rooting out mismanagement by the executive branch are core constitutional obligations of the House and Senate.

save our planet earth

How will homes of the future look, feel different with global warming?

Recent data from the United Nations Environment Programme shows that construction and use of residential buildings accounts for 17 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

us politics

Robert C. Koehler: Untangling ourselves from the dark side

The interest of power, when it reaches a certain level of dominance, is more power.

NFL football

Sebastian Santos: Sporting events and politics

There is a saying that sports and politics should not mix. Though sports have been a way to escape the harsh realities we face, inevitably these events do intersect. 

What are McConnell, Republicans really threatening here?

Mitch McConnell promises to make the voices of millions of Americans he says would be silenced by voting rights reforms heard, which sounds like he’s threatening another insurrection.

us capitol

Here’s a thought: Let’s save democracy together

We all witnessed as 2021 evolved into a year of unexpected turmoil starting with a deadly insurrection on our nation’s capital.

free speech cancel culture

The Age of Intolerance: Cancel culture’s war on free speech

Everything is now fair game for censorship if it can be construed as hateful, hurtful, bigoted or offensive provided that it runs counter to the established viewpoint.


Destroying democracy: China in Hong Kong

On July 1, 1997 the United Kingdom formally handed Hong Kong over to China under an agreement that was supposed to give Hong Kong 50 years of autonomy: “one country, two systems,” Deng Xiaoping promised.  

usa map

Wim Laven: The annual American whitewash

These days is it a mistake to bring up the storied practices of racism in the United States.

jail police

What are we getting for the millions we spend on the Middle River Regional Jail?

Inmates at the Middle River Regional Jail are being deprived of their 15-minute weekly visit from the outside because of a low number of COVID cases among inmates and staff.


The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and the world’s future

Late January of this year will mark the first anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

American red wolf

Earth Talk: Yellowstone wolves at risk from hunting

When the last gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park was gunned down in 1926, park managers and ranchers on neighboring lands alike rejoiced together that the dark predator of the range would no longer torment them.

morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: The inauguration of Virginia’s new governor

Seventy-three governors have served the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1776. On January 15, 2022, that number will rise to 74 with the inauguration of Glenn Youngkin.

save our planet earth

David Swanson: There will be many acts of kindness on the way down

The Piedmont area of Virginia has seen the temperature rise at a rate of 0.53 degrees F per decade. Even if that doesn’t speed up, Virginia will be as hot as South Carolina by 2050 and as northern Florida by 2100.

ralph northam

Northam: ‘We are in serious danger of losing our democracy’

A defeated president continues to spread lies about his loss, while members of his party are sacrificing democratic principles in an effort to appease voters and retain power.

Mark Warner

Warner: ‘Democracy must be upheld each and every day

One year ago today, the world watched as a violent mob stormed and desecrated the U.S. Capitol in an effort to rob the American people of the sacred right to elect their President.

Donald McEachin

McEachin: Jan. 6 insurrection was ‘assault on America’s values’

January 6th was one of the darkest days in our nation’s history, as a mob of insurrectionists and seditionists attacked our nation’s Capitol and the seat of our democracy.

Don Beyer

Beyer: Insurrection failed because of actions of heroes in uniform

One year ago today insurrectionists launched a violent assault on the home of American democracy.

Abigail Spanberger

Spanberger: ‘We cannot and should not move on from the events of Jan. 6’

Jan. 6 marked the continuation of a trend of falsehoods — and tragically, the lies that spawned this act of insurrection are still present in American politics.

usa map

John Miksad: New Year’s Resolutions for a nation

Many of us make resolutions at this time of year. These are some of the New Year’s Resolutions I’d like to see my country make. 

Tim Kaine

Kaine: ‘Attack on the Capitol was an attack on our democracy’

Sen. Tim Kaine, fresh from 27 hours stuck on Interstate 95 trying to get back to the Capitol for a meeting on voting rights legislation, is thinking Jan. 6, 2021.