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Analysis: WWE title change on Monday Night Raw? Which title?

wwe is reporting that WWE is planning to make a title change at Monday Night Raw, which makes sense because the show is basically the launch of the new WWE Network.

No doubt WWE is pulling out all the stops, with the returns of Hulk Hogan and Undertaker already teased, and the talk that the signing of WCW legend Sting is imminent.

So the question: which title is WWE going to change?

The presumption of fans is that we’re talking WWE title. The speculation of late has been that WWE is now considering making the main event at WrestleMania 30 a triple-threat match involving Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Batista, whose spot is guaranteed because he won the Royal Rumble last month.

It has been assumed that Orton will leave the Elimination Chamber tomorrow night as WWE Champion. But what if creative pulled another Dusty Finish with Daniel Bryan, having Bryan win the Chamber main event, leave the arena with the belt in hand, but is stripped of it live on Raw on Monday night? Hey, it’s happened before, and that sets up your triple threat main event.

I’m actually thinking something like this is the most plausible scenario for a possible title change. There could be a change at Intercontinental, U.S. or the tag-team division, but those titles get so little attention anymore that it’s hard to imagine that creative would bother leaking that there is going to be a title change at Raw to the wrestling media to get fans excited, then seeing the payoff and feeling like they were sold short.

Again, this is a huge night for WWE with the launch of the WWE Network. Nothing can be left on the table.

– Column by Chris Graham

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