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Analysis: Goodlatte-Schmookler race tightening at all?

That’s what came to mind for me first when I saw what appeared to be a new Bob Goodlatte ad on TV Tuesday.

The Sixth District congressional race must be tightening up more than anybody had expected. Otherwise, why would Goodlatte bother to dip into his healthy warchest to produce and place TV spots in the final week of the 2012 campaign?

So I tried to find the video online to link to it. Haven’t had any luck there, though. The Goodlatte campaign website links to a YouTube video welcome message, and I followed the link back to the official Bob Goodlatte campaign YouTube channel, which unfortunately hasn’t been updated since 2008.

(The welcome video … four years old. Classy.)

I was surprised to see that one of the grand total of three videos posted to the Goodlatte campaign YouTube channel was a 2008 campaign ad. I didn’t remember Goodlatte going on the air in ’08 in what ended up being a relatively easy re-election victory for the Republican over Democrat Sam Rasoul.

So … maybe I was making too much of the fact that Goodlatte is back on the air in the final week of the 2012 race.

But I’m not making enough of a deal on the outdated Goodlatte campaign web presence. And it’s beyond the recycling of the 2008 welcome message. The most recent news item on the front page of the Goodlatte campaign site dates to June 8. The latest press release is from March 29. The Blog, meanwhile, hasn’t been updated since Dec. 31.

That’s Dec. 31 of 2008.

Somebody in campaign headquarters needs to get an intern on backdating a narrative so that it looks like they took 2012 at least somewhat seriously.

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