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An Obama protest … from the left

It might be hard for folks on the right to understand this, but Barack Obama really does have harsh critics on the left.

And those critics will be out in full force at the Obama campaign rally in Charlottesville on Wednesday.

A protest rally is being organized by founder David Swanson to raise issue with the president’s policies regarding anti-terrorism.

“President Obama has enlarged the U.S. military three years in a row, deployed it to more nations, engaged it in more secret wars, and invented a new form of warfare using drones,” reads a press release from Swanson on the protest.

Swanson is an author, activist and former press secretary for the 2004 Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign.

“Of course you should not vote for Romney,” Swanson wrote in the press release announcing the event. “But civil rights were not gained by avoiding the responsibilities of citizenship in order to pretend that every day is election day. Today is not election day. Today is an opportunity to communicate a message to the holder of an office that has been given unprecedented power.”

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