ALTA: Hearing help in harmony with your brain

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Did you know that the way your brain processes sound is as unique as your personality or your fingerprint? Hearing is comprised not just of receiving sounds, but how we interpret them within our brains. What we actually hear is shaped by our life experiences, our lifestyle, and our personal physical and psychological make-up.

hearing health careThe individuality of each person’s hearing profile is important to those coping with hearing loss. It’s one of the reasons that many hearing aids are so unsatisfying. A “one-sound-fits-all” design actually fits no one.

Basic hearing instruments have a few adjustments that can tailor amplification based on an audiogram. But they can only go so far. Speech may sound “tinny” or mechanical at times with these devices and you may have trouble distinguishing speech from background noise or locating the source of sound in a room.

To overcome these limitations, Oticon has just introduced its new Alta hearing instrument, which features intriguing breakthrough technology.

Imagine Alta as a micro-brain that works in harmony with your own brain to differentiate sounds, so you can hear more — anywhere, anytime.

Alta’s micro-brain is more powerful and more adjustable than anything Oticon has ever engineered. Its advanced wireless signal processing system supports features that guard speech, help you focus your hearing, orient you in a room, and help your brain to support your hearing.

With Alta, your personal hearing preferences are actually used by the sound-processing chip that’s at the heart of every Alta hearing solution. Since Alta is customized exclusively for your specific needs, preferences and hearing abilities, you’ll be able to differentiate sounds and hear more.

In PART 2, learn more about the advanced technologies that make Alta a breakthrough device that’s unlike any of our other hearing instruments.  Call Hearing Healthcare of Virginia at 1-888-512-1164 or visit us at for more information.

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