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Alliance Group Contracting explains why metal roofs make sense for your home

Metal roofs
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Metal roofing is an excellent choice for anyone who is building a new home or replacing a roof. Metal roofs can withstand all weather conditions better than comparable wood and asphalt roofs. Certain types of metal roofs, like standing seam metal roofs, are able to expand and contract along with swings in temperature, making a tighter moisture seal.

Alliance Group Contracting explains why homeowners should choose metal roofs, detailing the advantages of this building material over other types of roofing.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Metal roofs have a major advantage over other types of roof when it comes to durability. Where a wood and asphalt roof can be expected to last about 12 to 20 years, with shingle replacement happening more frequently in case of bad weather, a metal roof could last as long as 40 to 70 years. This means that most homeowners will not have to replace the roof again within their lifetime.

Weather Resistance

Metal roofs can hold up to conditions that other roofs cannot withstand. Metal roofs are rated up to 120 mile per hour winds and are excellent choices for areas that may experience summer or winter storms. They are also resistant to hailstone damage, which can wreak havoc on wood and shingle roofs.

Metal roofs are excellent choices in areas that receive snow. When the roof is pitched high enough, the snow can simply slide off. This eliminates the need for costly and dangerous roof-raking in the wintertime. Metal roofs keep water out more efficiently and allow it to drain away.

Metal roofs are constructed to enable them to expand and contract with the ambient temperature, where wood and asphalt roofs do not have this flexibility and can allow moisture to seep underneath. The special fasteners used for metal roofs are strong but allow for some movement with the seasons.

Environmental Issues

Metal roofs are impervious to moss, lichen, and other plant life. These plants could cause problems in heavily wooded areas, and they can degrade the construction of the roof itself.

Fire Resistance

One area that many homeowners do not consider when choosing a roof is fire resistance. A metal roof will not ignite when it is struck by lightning or affected by a wildfire. Along with other safety precautions, a metal roof can keep your investment safe in uncertain conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are able to reflect solar radiant heat. This can reduce cooling costs by up to 25 percent. This is especially effective when the roof has been painted a light color or when reflective coatings have been applied.

Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly. They contain up to 95 percent recycled content, depending on the material used. The roofs are also 100 percent recyclable at the end of their life. Compare this to shingle tear-off waste, which goes into the building-related waste stream of up to 20 billion pounds each year.

Attractive Appearance

Metal roofs have a distinctive look, and they are more attractive than shingle roofs. They can be painted to match your home or to contrast with it. Alliance Group Contracting reminds homeowners that choosing an attractive metal roof means that your home will have more curb appeal.

Higher Resale Value

Adding a metal roof to your home is associated with a higher resale value. Since a metal roof is so long-lasting, future buyers will be attracted to your home. A metal roof can add as much as 6 percent to your resale price. Homeowners are likely to recoup as much as 95 percent of their costs of installing a metal roof through maintenance and cost savings over time.

Metal roofs may also entitle homeowners to up to a 35 percent discount on their insurance premiums, since these roofs are so safe and durable.

Choosing The Right Metal Roof

Metal roofs are excellent choices for homeowners in every part of the country. They are adaptable in varying weather conditions, and they are far more durable than wood and shingle roofs. It is easy to choose a distinctive color and pattern for your roof, increasing your curb appeal and your resale value.

While metal roofs are priced more than shingle roofs, they are worth the investment. They will keep your home and its contents safe, and they will preserve the value of your property. While other types of roofs need regular maintenance and shingle replacement, metal roofs are far more hands-off. They should be inspected periodically to make sure that they are safe.

Alliance Group Contracting recommends metal roofs to all of its clients. Having a metal roof is a choice that can save money as well as giving your home a distinctive appearance.

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