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Allen continues ‘Send a Message’ tour in Lexington

Today, George Allen brought his newly-launched “Send a Message” tour to Lexington and Bedford as part of a series of events urging Virginians to send a strong message to President Obama, Tim Kaine and their Washington allies by supporting Allen on June 12.

Beginning in Lexington, Allen was joined by Maryellen Goodlatte, wife of Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA-6), for a “Send a Message” breakfast event at the Country Cookin’.

“As Virginians stay busy with their families, jobs and community, it’s very important to make sure our voices are heard on June 12,” said Maryellen Goodlatte. “Voting June 12th for Bob Goodlatte and George Allen is an opportunity to let Washington know that we’ve had enough of the government meddling in our health care, homes and businesses. Bob and I are supporting George Allen because we know he has a record of working with both sides of the aisle to reduce government regulations and taxes, and empower people and job-creators to succeed.  We need George Allen’s proven leadership in the Senate, and Bob and I ask Virginians to join us in supporting him June 12.”

Following the Lexington “Send a Message” event, Allen traveled to Bedford to talk with family-owned small business owners and encourage area residents to get out the vote for June 12. Allen toured several small businesses in Bedford, including Frederic’s Flowers, Arthur’s Jewelry and Peoples Furniture hearing how Washington’s policies are affecting their businesses and what message they want to send this election.

Allen topped off his day in Bedford with a “Send a Message” event at the Bedford County Administrators Building. Allen was joined by Sen. Ralph Smith, Del. Scott Garrett, and Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Major Ricky Gardner to rally voters to the polls for the June 12 primary to ensure a strong, united voice heading into the general election.

“The world is controlled by those who show up,” Allen said. “June 12 is an important opportunity to send a message to President Obama, Tim Kaine and their allies in Washington that Virginians envision a better future with proven, positive reforms and solutions that will reinvigorate the promise of the American Dream with pro-jobs growth economic, energy and education policies.  Tim Kaine and President Obama don’t seem to understand that the best social program is a job! I’m ready to bring Virginia’s voices and values to the U.S. Senate by repealing Obamacare, fighting job-destroying coal regulations, promoting a Balanced Budget Amendment, unleashing Virginia’s energy resources and standing strong for Virginians’ Freedom to choose their own destinies. I’m asking all Virginians to stand with me on June 12 to send a message that we want a better future based on more Freedom and opportunities for all.”

Allen will continue his “Send a Message” tour in Southwest Virginia on Saturday, beginning with a speech at the FACES for Coal Rally in Abingdon.




Response from the Kaine campaign As George Allen attempts to shore up support for his party’s nomination, he’s embarking on a tour today meant to “send a message.” Unfortunately for George Allen, Virginians have already heard his message after his six years in Washington. Kaine for Virginia Press Secretary Lily Adams released the following statement:

“Virginians got the message after George Allen’s last term in the Senate when he voted to turn a record surplus to a massive deficit, and helped bring our economy to near collapse. As he runs for re-election, Allen has continued to send a message loud and clear to Virginia’s business owners, women, veterans, students, and others that he will put partisan politics ahead of their best interests.  In this campaign, Allen has praised controversial plans like the Ryan budget that will burden seniors with massive health care costs, said he’ll bring divisive social legislation to the federal level that could outlaw birth control, and refused to support common sense measures to address pay discrimination. Virginians have already gotten George Allen’s message and they know we can’t afford to send him back.”

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