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All you need to know about the jobs you can get after a criminal justice degree

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With the ever-rising competition and the cost of a college education has increased exponentially during the past decade, the college major selection rests on several factors. It is not that simple anymore. Apart from that, what good would be majoring in your field of interest, when the job prospects are very low, and graduation is followed by unemployment or poverty-level wages.

Blindly entering into a 4-year degree program without any definite goals is a thing of the past. It is essential to take a long and hard look at the career prospects before considering to start a specific degree program and incur tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. The fluctuating economy and unpredictable situations around the globe have pushed the students rushing to register for STEM and business programs. This type of degree program usually leads to a very limited lucrative market, ending up having a career in Silicon Valley or Wall Street. However, where do the students go home may not be inclined towards the major in science, mathematics or finance?

Well, the world of education is huge, and the options of learning are endless. With the outburst of technology and the education sector growing so versatile, you have a variety of Majors to select from. However, people who want to work for justice to prevail in the society, masters of science in criminal justice is just the correct major for you to do.

Why do you need a criminal justice degree?

As a criminal justice major, you will have the opportunity to work equally at the level of some mythical superhero fighting crime as good guys or somewhat as you see in Hollywood blockbuster movies. However, criminal justice is not limited to crime-fighting, but a major in criminal justice can offer higher job security as justice and peace always need to be enforced. This type of degree can also open the doors for many non- traditional and unconventional careers in the public and private sectors.

The criminal justice field spans over a huge variety of jobs. These jobs entail within the federal, state, local – agencies and private sectors. These jobs may involve collecting evidence, analysing the crime scene, arresting criminals and performing investigations.

Skills required for criminal justice

People who are usually interested in a criminal justice degree have a flair for social service.  Criminal justice is not easy to pursue, but this is not a stamp stating that only specific people can register for it. However, the following skills will likely develop, who seek to confer the degree in criminal justice major:

  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking
  • Foundational Legal education
  • Foundational psychology education
  • Conducting research
  • Adopting research results
  • Adaptability
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Ethical leadership
  • Understanding of emotional quotient

Read further to learn more about a few of the popular jobs from the same field of unique criminal justice major, some being quite different for its nature of work:

1. Forensic specialist

For a forensic specialist in the criminal justice field, it is vital to have the analytical skill, or if you do not possess, you will ultimately end up in having one. The forensic specialist work alongside the crime scene detective to determine the scientific occurrences behind any crime scene. They can be placed as a scientist in fibre technologist, DNA analyst, ballistic specialist and blood analyst. Everybody has heard of CSI: Miami and Dexter, which triggers the graduate to master in forensic criminal justice major. People who have done their postgraduate degree in criminal justice or sciences can take up the positions that are mentioned here. Forensics is the part of the criminal justice system in which you need to have extensive course work in chemistry, biology and physics. You are expected to have familiarity with a microscope and the interview room, including the laboratory operations along with the knowledge of sociology and criminology. As a forensic specialist, you can easily accept salary ranging from $51,000 to any six-figure salaries. There is a huge demand in this field because of the lower number of people specialising and ending up in forensics.

2. Probation officer

Apart from the many job prospects, you can achieve by doing majors in criminal justice, and the prohibition officer is another versatile work that can be undertaken. As a prohibition officer, you will work with the office and can visit the courtrooms and paroled offenders. You are expected to supervise the various caseloads, maintain confidentiality and integrity. The prohibition officers work with the convicted criminals who are in prohibition, which means that the criminals do not have to go to prison. Their average base salary is above $40,000, and there is a huge demand for such officers, due to the excessive criminal justice cases in every society. Still, they must act with integrity at all times.

3. Criminal psychologist

Criminal psychologists need to study criminals and crimes of various nature to understand why these people break the law. Their job is to evaluate the offenders of law and establish their verdict to the risk of repeated crimes. Usually, they have to work alongside law enforcement to make assessments regarding the criminals or suspects and provide an extensive criminal profile. Their job is also to counsel law offenders. Their average salary starts from $56,700.

4. Private detective/investigator

The private investigator has to put their problem solving and investigative skills to test every time they are required to do a certain task. They also need to run an informal background check before taking up any of the assigned jobs for their client. The work can involve some personal, financial or legal matters. As a detective or an investigator, you need to identify patterns, perform surveillance, make reports and keep the clients updated with the progress of your investigation. The average base salary is $54,000.

5. Paralegal officer

According to the bureau of labour statistics prediction for the year 2020, an 18% increase is expected in demand for paralegal/legal assistance. This has become one of the increasingly popular in criminal justice majors without attending any law school. However, graduates who have good knowledge in law or sociology have an added advantage of benefiting the law firms and handling legal research or routine paperwork. Some legal assistance pursues an additional course to earn a paralegal certificate. The average salary for such postgraduates is $47,000

The Takeaway

These are just a few important career opportunities in no order of priority or extra benefits, to help up in getting a slight idea. However, there are endless other job opportunities after pursuing a major in criminal justice. You ought to know the correct techniques of writing the resume and a cover letter for any job career, stating expertise of the criminal justice field. As much as we have seen in the movies of Hollywood and Netflix series, this degree will lead you to your dream career opportunity and live it in reality. Bear in mind the complexities in working for such type of sub criminal justice fields.

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