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All you need to know about having RV insurance

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You may have an RV or plan to get one. These recreational vehicles provide comfort and diverse applications for all conditions. For one, you can enjoy an amazing road trip with your spouse and kids during summers or host extra guests during visits. Business-inclined RV owners can rent out their RVs to tourists and travelers and earn extra bucks to meet their needs. There is so much you can do with these vehicles.

Vehicle owners know how important it is to insure their cars, and this is no different for RVs. Having an insurance coverage protects you from any financial loss you may suffer in the event that your RV gets damaged or stolen. In fact, in many states, the law requires that RV owners get an insurance policy on their RVs.

Is It Necessary To Have RV Insurance?

“Is it mandatory that I have an RV insurance coverage?” you may ask. It depends on your RV type and the state you reside in. Here are some conditions that require you getting such insurance.

Towable Trailers

Towable RV owners may or may not need insurance, depending on their states of residence. As the name implies, towable rigs are “towed”, not driven. Hence, getting an insurance policy is optional. Bear in mind that if you are purchasing your RV from a lender, it is most likely that you would get full RV coverage insurance.


These are recreational vehicles you can drive, as they have chassis, engine, and other automotive parts. Before hitting the road with this vehicle, you would need to meet at least the minimum insurance coverage requirements of your state. In other words, you have to get RV insurance.

How Much It Cost To Get An RV Insurance Policy?

RV insurance policy is not as expensive as you may think. On average, you may only need to fork out $125 annually per year. Premium options may cost you a few thousands of dollars annually, depending on the RV and insurance company. Class A or fifth wheel owners may have to pay more for insurance. On the other hand, Class B or smaller RV trailer owners have moderate insurance fees to pay. In general, towable trailers have lower insurance than motorhomes, which you can learn more: go here.

However, when compared to auto insurance, RV insurance is cheaper as people don’t drive them as often as other vehicles.

How Much Is Enough For My RV Insurance Policy?

Buying RV insurance is essential for RV owners, especially those with motorhomes or drivable RVs. However, do not rush into getting one, as there are some factors you have to take into cognizance.

  • Where you intend to travel with the RV
  • The class of RV you own
  • Amount of usage, whether it is part-time or fulltime
  • Custom features included in the RV
  • Items you want to protect

You may be tempted to go for many options. Nevertheless, ensure you select those features that are crucial to you, your RV, your personal items, and other occupants travelling as well. Having the right RV insurance policy can further enhance your camping trips and vacations.

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