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Albemarle County launches COVID-19 safety ambassador program

albemarle countyAlbemarle County voted on July 27 to enact Ordinance 20-E(5) ostensibly to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

The local ordinance requires face coverings in indoor public spaces and all outdoor public spaces where six feet of physical distancing can’t be maintained, restricts gatherings to 50 people, with some exceptions, and limits seating capacity in food and beverage establishments to 50 percent capacity, with a 50-person maximum.

To assist in this community effort, Albemarle County has created an ambassador program to support education and engagement on the local ordinance. Ambassadors will visit local businesses across the county to share information about the local ordinance, offer signage that can be posted at local businesses about cloth face coverings, and see how businesses are working with customers to observe all provisions of the ordinance.

Ambassadors will be engaging with onsite managers on areas for improvement – ambassadors do not have enforcement authority.

The ambassadors will be wearing blue polo shirts and white cloth face coverings with the County Seal on them and will carry a County-issued identification card, business card, and an introduction letter from the county executive.

For more information about this program, visit: