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Albemarle County 2021 reassessment now complete

albemarle countyAlbemarle County announced today that the 2021 annual reassessment process is complete. On Jan. 29, notices will be mailed to taxpayers and the 2021 assessment data will also be available online that evening through the county’s GIS-Web.

The county’s total tax base increased by 1.4 percent over the 2020 year-end tax base due to the reassessment. The 2021 residential assessment changes are generally the result of appreciation in the housing market.

The 2021 commercial assessment changes are due to the economic impact of COVID-19 on that sector.

Individual neighborhoods and sections of the county change at different rates and assessments of individual properties will vary from the average change for the county overall.

The assessor’s office completed detailed reviews of thousands of properties in preparation for this reassessment.

Overall, taxable assessment changes by property type for 2021 are:

  • Urban Residential (County Water & Sewer): +3.1 percent
  • Residential up to 20 acres: +3.2 percent
  • Rural (20 to 99.99 acres): +1.7 percent
  • Rural (100 acres and over): -1.2 percent
  • Commercial Properties: -5.5 percent
  • Multi-Family: -1.3 percent

Average annual reassessment changes by magisterial district are:

  • Rio: -0.1 percent
  • Jack Jouett: +3.3 percent
  • Rivanna: +1.0 percent
  • Samuel Miller: +2.4 percent
  • Scottsville: -0.4 percent
  • Town of Scottsville: -0.4 percent
  • White Hall: +2.5 percent

The first half 2021 real estate tax bills that are mailed in May will be based on the 2021 reassessment value and the 2021 tax rate that will be adopted by the Board of Supervisors in May.

Direct any questions regarding the new assessment notice to the Office of the County Assessor by calling 434-296-5856.


There are two appeals processes, an administrative review or Board of Equalization appeal. The administrative review process can be initiated online by filing the Administrative Review form by February 28. The Board of Equalization appeal can be filed by contacting the assessor’s office for an application that must be submitted by March 30 or 30 days after the results of an Administrative Review, whichever is later.

Land Use Program 

The Assessor’s Office will accept applications for qualifying properties to enter the Land Use Tax Deferral Program, with the $125 application fee, through March 1.

A new application is required for each parcel to enroll in the program.  The application fee is non-refundable, so contact the Assessor’s Office to determine a property’s eligibility.

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