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Alan Ramsey: Questions about the 2010 elections

I was a Reagan Democrat and Republican activist from ’80-’06. My views have changed as this new-age, anti-Reagan Republican Party has devolved away from the Constitution into a party of extreme hatred and racial, religious and ethnic bigotry, claiming they’re the only “true” patriots and “real” Americans: everyone else is somehow un-American and “liberal” (as if liberal is a bad word!). That’s just socially regressive bigotry and America needs to rain on their TEA party.

I’ll trust a “liberal” over a corrupt conservative any day, especially with our government.

I’m proud to be a liberal in the tradition of the Founders who declared all people to be equal “regardless” of the racial, religious or ethnic bigotries of the few (or the many). That was a very liberal declaration in an era of extreme social conservatism under the church-state empires and their slave-based institutions. We fought a Revolutionary War for freedom from such religious oppression and decadence. The TEAnutz haven’t read the Constitution, or they wouldn’t say the things they say. In fact, they’re using the same verbiage and rhetoric as the evangelical Ku Klux Klan of last century. See History Channel’s piece on the KKK to see the similarities. Their extreme agenda raises many questions.

Why don’t they register with a “T” and follow the same rules as other candidates/parties and pay their fair share instead of using the media to “buzz” their extreme message? Are they afraid of how few votes they’ll actually get? Do they seek to be a “shadow party” over the Republicans, an unaccountable “shadow” government, without designated party status? Is that what the Founders intended? With all the free “buzz” they’ve received, if they don’t take 100 seats in Congress (House and Senate), they’re a failure.

They claim America is founded on their narrow religious opinions. The Constitution doesn’t say that. It doesn’t say we have to be of one particular religious opinion to be “true” citizens or “real” patriots. It is grounded in the innate values of secular humanistic principles. Political religionism is a Ku Klux Klan mindset and their cultural war against America is anathema to our Constitution, our rights and our freedoms. Please continue to defend these constitutional principles because the social regressives have an openly stated theocratic agenda:

“Our job is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost. As the vice regents of God, we are to exercise godly dominion and influence over our neighborhoods, our schools, our government, our literature and arts, our sports arenas, our entertainment media, our news media, our scientific endeavors – in short, over every aspect and institution of human society.”

  • Dr. D. James Kennedy, pastor at Coral Ridge Ministries, “Reclaiming America for Christ” conference, February 2005
  • Note: “whatever the cost.” It’s Machiavellian. Anything goes: lies, deceit, murder, even mass murder. John Kerry called it ‘christo-fascism.’ I call it “evangelical jihad.” It’s theocracy, same as Islamofascism. We’ve seen its results in the eyes of McVeigh, Nichols, Rudolph, Roeder, Koresh, the Sovereign Citizens, et cetera. The evangelical militias (jihadists) were planning to murder our police and then use WMDs against potentially tens of thousands of children, families and public officials at their funeral processions … to promote a general evangelical uprising to overthrow our government and impose their theocracy against America. Why: racism, pure and simple. It can’t be policies, because Barack Obama is less “liberal” than Ronald Reagan ever was.

    President Reagan “bailed out” Chrysler, the unions and associated financial institutions; gave amnesty to millions of illegals; raised taxes twice; was an avowed secularist; said religion belongs in the homes and churches, not in the schools or in the halls of government; believed in providing a safety net for the poor and seniors; believed that the middle class is the strength of America; believed in American families and jobs first, not in communist child slave labor.

    President Reagan was more “liberal” than Barack Obama. So why the obsessive hatred? Barack is not 100 percent White Anglo. It’s the racist core of the Republican Party on full display, no matter how much they live in denial of their deeply seated bigotries and hatreds. It’s no wonder they don’t call Reagan’s name much anymore: if he were alive, they’d be calling him a liberal! Not that “liberal” is a bad word. The Founders were the secular, socially progressive liberals of their time and gave us a secular Constitution in such context. Some were religious and they could have written a religious Constitution, but they didn’t. They wrote a secular one.

    But you have to LOL: the “liberal” Ronald Reagan. We’ve come a long way, baby.

    The FOXnutwork-alcoholic televangelist Glenn Beck is casting himself as the “messiah” of the theocratic evangelical agenda. He preaches that his (republican) God has called them to “Take Back America.” From what? Constitutionalism? Free thought? Individual rights? The right to make private medical decisions, to love whom we choose without the “sheet sniffers” drooling at our bedroom windows? Honestly, I worry more about the TEA theocrats than I do some bearded guy in a cave on the other side of the planet buffing his rusty AK-47 and jackin’ his own jerky.

    When religio-political groups engage in tithing-financed hate-based legislation as they did in ’06 with Mehlman, Haggard, the National Association of Evangelicals and the Southern Baptist Convention against the constitutional rights of taxpaying citizens, the church welfare state must end. James Madison warned us against “ecclesiastical corporations” and their threats against society. They must pay taxes on high-profile properties and six-figure incomes. They cry ‘separation’ over their tithing wealth but not when it comes to interfering in government, schools, or public policy.

    They use God and the Bible as political props to promote their own self-righteous vanity. That’s violating one of the Big Ten. Can honest oath be made to our Constitution by religious fanatics with such an extremely radical, socially regressive and anti-constitutional agenda? This theocratic TEA Party is everything the Founding Fathers, Mothers and Reagan were against.

    Economic policies: Failed ‘trickle down’ redistribution scheme of class warfare

    We thought it would work. It didn’t, especially in the South. The results are everywhere. We were sold out to the child slave labor nations for CEO wealth and corporate perks. It was “bait-and-switch” politics, but it was my fault: I voted for it. Now they’re blaming everyone else for what were our failures. So much for their “personal accountability” and “values” thingey things.

    Sunset those tax cuts for the top 2 percent. They instructed it be done and must have had good reason for that language … or they acted in bad faith. Which was it? They say such cuts help the economy? They need new glasses. If it were true, we’d have zero unemployment. Where are those millions of jobs promised from their golden microphones and propaganda hate-radio? If you lose the House, still sunset those tax cuts. Even David Stockman said it decried the liturgy of “tax cuts” as a failure to America and responsible for our fiscal mess. But then again, as President Reagan’s point man on budget policy, he’s just another “liberal.”

    Fact: we’re the biggest consumer market, and if the slave-wage corps want to leave, let ‘em: reopen American plants to American communities. “Tax cuts” should only apply to those companies that spend those benefits here, who create American jobs here. Republicans didn’t put fair trade for Americans above free trade for our enemies and their benefactors. There should be incentives to labor groups or any community who wants to reopen local plants through community ownership. Community organizing can be a shared capitalistic/collective endeavor.

    The truth is that the social progressives have created more jobs, opportunities, and wealth in history than the Social Regressives ever have. Think about it: Hollywood with all its high-paying American jobs and derivatives in entertainment, the media, television, sports, video games, theater, the environment, aviation, space exploration and all of its derivatives, et cetera … all the things the social regressives hate and call “evil” according to their narrow religious opinions and dogma. Liberals produce and spread the wealth. Grounded in their morally debased mindset of greed and selfishness, conservatives hate to share the wealth and worry only about their own arses as they squeeze the communities and workers for CEO wealth and corporate perks.

    That’s the big difference between Democratic conservationism and Republican conservatism: Democrats make long-term investments to spread the wealth while Republicans feed their own short-term greed.

    Hey, folks … thanks for fighting the good fight. Centrist Constitutional Liberals (in the tradition of the Founders) are our last line of defense against the socially regressive “evangelical jihadists” who claim their “job” is to impose their theocracy “…over every aspect and institution of human society” … “whatever the cost.”

    That’s a morally-debased theocratic decadence worth fighting against every day of every month of every year….without pause.

    Guest op-ed by Alan Ramsey

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