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Ahmed Nashaat: Why the Spurs project will continue to grow

For many years now we have heard the Tottenham Hotspur team under Mauricio Pochettino be referred to as a project, but how long before it comes to fruition? In the last few years alone my buddy and fellow Spurs fan Ahmed Nashaat have suffered as Spurs got so close to winning a title on two occasions, yet fell short at the final hurdle. Such a sustained period of failure to win anything therefore has prompted people to believe that the project is over and Spurs will soon capitulate and drop down the table, given that they can’t compete financially with the other big boys in the league. There is far more to this Spurs project than the doom and gloom merchants however and here is why they will only go from strength to strength.

The Fear

The big fear is that Spurs will lose their best players and probably their coach too, the likes of Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Son and Pochettino should be winning things and there is a fear that they ay go elsewhere to find it. This could happen of course but anyone who believes that there will be a mass exodus are simply fooling themselves. Spurs used to have a good player or two who they would eventually lose but that isn’t the case any longer. Spurs have at least 7 players who could push for a place in the starting lineup of any team in the world. The notion that hard negotiating chairman Daniel Levy will suddenly sell off all of his best assets is impossible and that is why Spurs will keep going. Eriksen and Alli could leave and the club could absorb it, the same if Alderweireld and Son left. These would be huge mistakes to make of course, but they wouldn’t be as critical as when the likes of Bale and Modric left.

New Beginnings

Spurs haven’t done themselves any favors this year with the debacle surrounding their new stadium and unfortunately these setbacks have changed the narrative about the stadium. Make no mistake however, this will be one of the best in Europe and Spurs fans have the opportunity to turn it into a fortress for years to come. Facilities like the training ground and the stadium itself will attract players from all over the world.

Continued Success

Tottenham’s performances in Europe over the last few years has made the watching world sit up and take note of this Spurs side. What this means is that the club gains better global reach and this ultimately means more revenue and worldwide appeal. As sour as it tastes to discuss the business implications of a side’s performances, it is very much the world that we live in and thanks to what Spurs have done in this regard, they can count on more revenue and more appeal, intrinsic values in launching a lengthy period of success, rather than a flash in the pan moment.

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