AFP’s Crystal Graham takes the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Augusta Free Press LLC Vice President Crystal Graham took the ALS #IceBucketChallenge today. Augusta Free Press will donate $100 to ALS on her behalf and challenges other local businesses and individuals to match our donation! Clients, you are up!

Crystal challenged ….

  • Teresa Gauldin, Mathers President and CEO
  • Mary McDermott, Lumos Senior Vice President-Legal and Regulatory Affairs and Secretary
  • Sara Christopherson, food blogger at

(Augusta Free Press is happy to video if you need any help!)

“I saw Chris Daughtry’s video that he did at the Rockingham County Fair, and knew it wouldn’t be long before I was challenged,” she said.

While it took her several days to complete the challenge from niece Carly, she went through with the ice water challenge to help raise awareness for ALS.

Facebook friend and wsva news guru Karl Magenhofer lost his mother to ALS. If you are looking for a local reason to give, his account sums it up.

“The next time you scoff at an ice bucket video and curse it for cluttering up your news feed, I want you to think about a couple things,” he wrote on his timeline. “ALS took my mother. It is a disease that leaves many a prisoner in their own bodies, unable to perform the most basic functions, yet with their mind intact. The disease is one I fear may never be cured or even remotely treatable because of its complexity …. The money flowing to the national foundation due to the challenge is critical and pray that it may lead to discoveries that keep your family from suffering the loss that mine did.”

Well said, Karl. (We hope you don’t mind us sharing this with AFP readers.)

Watch Crystal’s video online at

For more information on donating to ALS or the challenge, visit


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